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    X Force incredible screw up

    Well have a few more cocktails and maybe you will fall asleep.
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    I have a noise gate in the VX2000, I can easily get rid of the back ground noise. Have not played much with the one in powerSDR yet but will soon. I also may opt for a dynamic mic in the future but I have wanted to do this for a few years anyway, either the shure SM-7 or the EV RE-20. Right now...
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    Makes perfect sense, I have some friends in the music industry and when I installed the electrical to the studio they wanted ungrounded receptacles. I told them the only way I could "legally" do this to match code was by using vintage style 2 prong receptacles. They opted to rip the ground...
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    I'm 90% sure my issues are not RF related. I am getting ac hum, ground loop noise on the audio line. I think it may be sloppy connections where the 1/8" connectors plug into the sdr-1k from the sound card. I believe I was still hearing the hum and seeing the noise with a dead carrier. Even with...
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    I know this is an old thread but I am in the same boat, sdr-1K and rack gear. I have the SDR-1K, later model, edirol fa66 sound card. For gear and mics I have a behringer VX2000, samson s-cruve 31 31 band graphic EQ, behringer xenyx 1202 (probably not needed) and 2 mic choices, both condensor...
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    Flexradio Mods - a WWRF 'First'

    Nevermind, I figured it out. Does anyone know if this will work on newer versions of powerSDR?
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    Flexradio Mods - a WWRF 'First'

    Is this an unlocked version of powerSDR??
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    Flexradio Mods - a WWRF 'First'

    Curious if this will work with newer versions of powerSDR? If anyone has any new info on this please let me know. You can PM also. Thanks in advance.
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    Help With a CPI base station

    Old thread but I had to comment when you mentioned 148, I remember that break.
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    Opinions on an amp.

    Might as well chunk the balancing resistors on the output combiner in the trash, they are going to smoke anyway. 1 sd 1446 driving 2x1446 driving 6 2879's, nothing clean about that. Some people should stick to making bird houses for a hobby.
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    Dave Made Amp...Jersey or Joe made?

    I just feel special reading the thread:w00t:
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    Voltage drop on a/c line

    Well the reason you were only seeing a voltage drop on one leg was because you were only using one "phase" of the service. You probably already knew that but I posted it in case. It sounds to me like your voltage drop is power company issue. Do you have a larger item you can turn on? AC, Dryer...
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    inexpensive/cheap cb amps . palomar/cobra vs. rm/kl

    Very true about the amps. And also very true about walmart. They suck bigtime.
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    Voltage drop on a/c line

    I assumed he actually measured the current demand of the amplifier.
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    Voltage drop on a/c line

    I am an electrical contractor by trade. As electricians we generally allow a 3% voltage drop before upsizing the circuit. I doubt that the branch circuit (10 gauge) is your problem and more than likely the sub panel should have an adequate sized conductor to at least easily carry the load of the...
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    High swr when amp is on

    Post more details, where is the meter installed? Type or brand of meter? Did you "set" the meter with the same amount of power you tested SWR with??
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    Original 1992 first run Dave Made M400 *pics*

    I have a m-80 that is probably as old as that somewhere. I need to dig it out and take some pics.
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    Bias Adjustment???

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    Hello Toll Free, how have you been?

    Hello Toll Free, how have you been?
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    signal jammers

    Yes indeed, that forum was very political just like its sister forum that is up now.