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  1. Sonwatcher

    Hello !

    Thanks fellas !
  2. Sonwatcher

    Hello !

    Thanks guys !
  3. Sonwatcher

    Hello !

    Hi everyone ! It's been a long time. A lot of life changes have taken place. Am now in Colorado for the past year. Sold most of my radio equipment before moving . Hoping to get back to it. Would appreciate prayers as my wife is going thru chemo due to breast cancer . Sure miss chatting and...
  4. Sonwatcher

    Maybe sometime we can do echolink

    Maybe sometime we can do echolink
  5. Sonwatcher

    Howdy ! In Colorado. Wife is dealing with breast cancer. Hoping to get past all this and move...

    Howdy ! In Colorado. Wife is dealing with breast cancer. Hoping to get past all this and move back to PA. Hopefully summer. Will need to move near Harrisburg area for work. Miss talking to you
  6. Sonwatcher

    OnStar privacy

    I just bought a 2008 Impala and read in the manual that it records how far the accelerator was being pushed,speed and if seat belts were engaged and can be used by authorities in the event of an accident.
  7. Sonwatcher


    Wow, sad news. I'm glad I was able to meet and talk to him. He lived about 5-6 miles from where I am now. http://www.worldwidedx.com/announcements-open-forum/35420-davy-jones-monkees.html
  8. Sonwatcher

    CB to 6M?

    Found this on another site :
  9. Sonwatcher

    Solarcon A-99 Problem

    I had a Bandit ll that did the same. The problem was the soldered joint that connects the inner wire in one of the sections broke loose.
  10. Sonwatcher

    Have you purchased ham gear because of this site? What was it?

    I bought some from the Swap Shop and after reading about the Wouxan here I bought one from Cheapham .
  11. Sonwatcher

    CDX Club

    Great to hear from you Bobby ! :)
  12. Sonwatcher

    Yaesu MD-1 Wiring

    This is the wiring diagram for an MD-1 microphone .
  13. Sonwatcher

    My first radios

    Great ! Hope you do well on your tests ! :)
  14. Sonwatcher

    Behringer DSP110 Shark-- Anybody use one?

    I have used one for about a year. It works very well. Just make sure you don't use the phantom power on a mic that doesn't require it. About the only function I use is the noise gate. I also had to use a product similar to the Ibox , an Art Zdirect, with the "ground lift" button on . That took...
  15. Sonwatcher

    Va Earthquake

    Good thought Garth ! :thumbup:
  16. Sonwatcher

    Va Earthquake

    You're right about the buildings. Totally different building codes. We couldn't deal with the constant barrage back here.
  17. Sonwatcher

    If You Ride A Motorcycle (repost)

    LOL ! Me too ! :biggrin: