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    very happy day today

    Congratulations. Hope to work on the air one day.
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    Roll Call

    1. One of my uncles, bought me a set of single channel walkie talkies. 2. 1965 3. I don't remember the model of that walkie talkie, think it was a Hitachi but it was the first radio I every worked skip on.
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    Our Friend Marconi

    Good to hear. Eddie, glad to know you're out of the hospital and hoping you have a quick recovery.
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    Atlas 210x

    My Elmer had that same rig as he primary rig. He worked a lot of stations with tht rig.
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    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

    I was on 17 today trying to work some POTA activators and heard some European stations trying to work the contest, guess they didn't get the word about which bands to use, or maybe there's another contest running this weekend?
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    Software Defined Radio SDR for 11 Meter

    I purchased one of those, works great except around 26-30 MHz. I'm getting what seems to be some kind of broadcast stations overloading the receiver when I connect it to my Windom antenna. Doesn't seem to happen if you use the little rabbit ears that came with the dongle. I'm guessing it's due...
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    ADMS Programing Software for FT-891, has anyone tried it?

    I have RT Systems software for the 891, works great on Windows 10 & 11. It's much easier to program the memories and makes cloning to another 891 a breeze too.
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    WDX Roster

    Thanks for adding me to the roster , I forgot to include my name and location. Mark Evington, VA Thanks
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    Which one?

    I've had both, President McKinley hands down.
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    WDX Roster

    Thanks Brother DXer!
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    WDX Roster

    If it's available, I'd like to get WDX-896.
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    10 meter is very quiet?

    Worked Albuquerque, NM driving home from work this afternoon. I'm in VA. First time in a long time signal's didn't fade for either of us.
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    Canada approved FM for CB

    I keep trying to convince them but they are convinced FM there's no DX with FM and "lordy, where's my swing?"
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    Canada approved FM for CB

    Same, last solar cycle I worked lot's on stations on 10 FM running 25w in the truck, simplex and repeaters.
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    Canada approved FM for CB

    Glad to see this side of the pond catching up to England and Europe, now all we need is for people to start using FM. Sure haven't been able to raise much interest here with the locals.
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    Tripod mounted portable HF antennas

    I have one of the MFJ tripod, mount a Wolf River Vertical. The combo works well.
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    How do you switch all those radios you run

    A couple of Alpha Delta 4 port switches and and old B&W 6 port switch. Along with swapping patch cables for the rest.
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    Just saw the youtube video on that rig, if it can do everything they show in that video it out to be an interesting rig. DC to daylight in the palm of your hand.
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    How many radios do you run?

    7 unless you count the hotspot that the handheld uses as a c4fm gateway, then it's 8
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    Better than average SSB radio

    I've run one of the President McKinnley's for a couple years now, very pleased with its performance on SSB. The front firing speakers is also a plus.