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  1. W9CNW

    What are ya'lls prefessions??

    I spent almost 10 years Active Duty Army and 2 years Army Reserves. As for my current job, the last 20 months I've been delivering B11 biodiesel and Mobil gasoline around Chicago and I'm getting ready to start working at Union Pacific as a train crew member next month.
  2. W9CNW

    Kenwood TS-180S finals replacement

    Thanks for the replies. Most of the info I saw during earlier research was almost 20 years old and said to use the MRF454's. The info I saw about the 2290's was newer and I wasn't sure if people chose them over the 454's for the simple fact that they are easier to come by as well as being cheaper.
  3. W9CNW

    Kenwood TS-180S finals replacement

    I recently acquired an old Kenwood TS-180S and the finals need to be replaced. It still has the old yellow dot SRF1714's in it. I have read that the Motorola (not MA/COM) MRF454's and the 2SC2290's are the replacements for the 1714's. I see RF Parts sells matched pairs of 454's for about $93...
  4. W9CNW

    Ranger sdm1000 battery type? and also

    As far as the battery goes. Mine takes a LR44, 1.5 volt button cell battery. Hope this helps. 73, W9CNW