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  1. sunbulls

    Cobra 19 Ultra III power / modulation indicator

    Recently I was presented with a Cobra 19 Ultra III that had a blown final even though the TX scale on the front panel would still show all 4 bars when keyed. ?? After replacing the final I looked for some sort of TX meter adjustment, or typically a pot. The RX side has an S meter adjustment...
  2. sunbulls

    Winter is coming!!!

    Cooling down....62 deg-72deg F Although I now seen a few birds that seemed to have changed their traditional migration habits, I haven’t seen our dark eyed Juncos yet. I expect it won’t be long, as they always show up cleaning up the spilled seeds on our deck.
  3. sunbulls

    Sams PhotoFacts Collection

    Thanks for posting...This is my spliced together version of the schematic.
  4. sunbulls

    President George II

    By editing out languages other than English, substantial file space is saved, plus its less aggravating. This will be my personal pdf in case I ever decide to purchase a George II.
  5. sunbulls

    Mud duck.

    I haven't heard him lately, but meanwhile "I 44 CB Store" out of MO keeps playing their little music jingle. I understand they have been asked to turn that jingle off during skip periods, but refused to do so. They simply use the argument in saying, "they are not responsible for skip...
  6. sunbulls

    Hy gain Vlll mods

    A 23.730Mhz crystal is ideal for those that can find one, but it skips 39. Ken has a 23.740Mhz crystal that will give you 37,38,39, but skips 36 and 40 plus the last channel is 27.415Mhz.
  7. sunbulls

    Does anybody else hear the chatter on channel 9?

    I often hear heavy Spanish activity on 9 and 5 with very little else heard besides the locals on other channels. Even the big gun stations on 6 or 11 are relatively quiet. From my location near Buffalo, that is a sign the skip has gone long, mainly into Central or South America. There are...
  8. sunbulls

    If you were a pirate broadcaster, what's playing right now?

    Looking to serenade your better half or soul mate? Don’t forget The Stylistics. You don’t need to be a good singer, just softly whisper the words in her ear while playing one of these classics. You are Everything, You Make Me Feel Brand New, and Betcha By Golly Wow are a few of my favorites...
  9. sunbulls

    help me decide what to restore next.....

    I'm very old school, so the Courier Spartan would be my pick, but it will be the most challenging and expensive. IMO the restoration would include a recap job and the crystal to cover 36-40LSB.
  10. sunbulls

    Smoke in the Western NY and elsewhere...

    Usually we have pristine air quality here in the Adirondack foothills, but not today. Hopefully the smoke will clear before too long. It’s bad in this area. I started to tear up and cough on my way back from the mailbox. It looks like the dense fog we get in our valley sometimes in the early...
  11. sunbulls

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Conditions seem to be peaking at this time. While adding a few extra crystals on an old 23ch Royce 606 I hollered for a radio check on ch26 AM. 3 stations came back immediately, all giving me strong signal reports. No amp, just 3.5 watts with my Imax 2000 antenna. Pipe line between Western NY to...
  12. sunbulls

    Plowing Tioga Road

    That last photo is a beauty. SUV manufactures must be watching this closely with a keen eye for their next advertisement. Who will take the trip first, the Toyota 4Runner, the Ford Bronco or possibly the whoop-de-do Subaru Forester?
  13. sunbulls

    Dummy Load plans and pics please ;) My Cantenna finnaly rotted through :(

    After previously being introduced to microwave resistors on this forum, my next dummy rebuild will consist of a single 50-250 (50 ohm, 250 watts) dry dummy with a large heatsink . My rebuilt Cantenna is still functional, but if the resistor ever starts to deteriorate, I’ll use four of those...
  14. sunbulls

    Rarest cb / export you’ve owned

    We sold a ton of those back in the day. A lower priced basic radio like your 1-600 made them popular with first time buyers. An enduring survivor that’s also easy to repair or restore.
  15. sunbulls

    turner plus 3 button

    I don’t know about the issue you have with the touch bar or if it even could be fixed, but I once mended a broken one for a customer by gluing on a custom name badge tag. In that case, it covered the damage plus added some personally.
  16. sunbulls

    What year was the General Electric 3-5825A made?

    PLL 02A PTBM058COX Cybernet board radios were made approximately 1976.
  17. sunbulls

    Two tone roger beep project

    For clarity I drafted your schematic. Let me know if I made any mistakes, if so I’ll correct them with a revision. I wasn’t positive about a few components that were bleached out. I don’t have a 5 volt relay at this time, but will try this circuit sometime later. Thanks for sharing.
  18. sunbulls

    Sams PhotoFacts Collection

    I believe the 13-857B has the same Cybernet PTBM039AOX board as the 13-882C. Many small variations of this PLL 02A abound. The following is the schematic and pot adjustment points. If you need further info on the can adjustments let me know.
  19. sunbulls

    Simple Crystal Checker

    I usually use several programs to rejuvenate large schematics, but in this case it was done with Paint Shop Pro X by copying and pasting the various symbols taken from a template. The fonts and connecting lines is a product contained within Paint Shop Pro. The image is then cropped, reduced to...