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  1. Krusen1

    Base How about an antenna switch in reverse?

    3 radios into amp, swr/power mtr, ect., to 3 antennas, 5/8 vertical on one end of house, beam on the other end, 1/4 wave in the middle for short range. Worked out well. Just made sure to turn radio off before switching them. Used 2, 1k 3 way switches on 11m, 100w max output
  2. Krusen1

    Hy-gain model 546 sdb 10

    Looking for a user manual/assembly instructions for a Hy-gain model 546 sdb 10 antenna. All I can find is model # and basic specs. Any info would be appreciated Thnx 73s
  3. Krusen1

    Base Identifying 5 element yagi (direct feed)

    It does have a Hy-gain flavor about it. Boom length is not the same (20ft 6in vs 24ft on the Hj-105c) I looked at that Hy-gain 1110db (what a monster!! love to have one!) that freecell suggested and the 2in crossboom to 2in boom looks the same, the one I have here is 2in boom on 1 1/2in...
  4. Krusen1

    Base Identifying 5 element yagi (direct feed)

    Picked up a 5 element direct feed yagi for 11m (thats what I was told anyway)recently and am hoping to identify it. I'm assuming its an older one judging by the condition and lack of a matching section commonly found on modern yagi's, maybe 70s or 80s? Its got a 20 ft boom of 2in aluminum...
  5. Krusen1

    Farthest 11 meter DX contact and equipment used?

    Holton ks. to Melbourne Australia DX95T, Turner +2, homebrew j pole @ 20ft 38 lsb 9200+ miles
  6. Krusen1

    how effective is a j pole antenna on 11 meters ?

    I recently put together a J-ploe for cb band but wanted to make it so I could adjust it for 10m as well. Made from old 5/8gp parts I had lying around. Installed 20 feet off the ground and tuned it came out to be 27'3" on the long side, 110" on the matching section, spacing between the two is 10"...