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  1. towerdog

    General HP40W, Weird combination of component failures..

    My guess would be exposure to moisture over a very long time. I had a rusty old Kenwood HF rig like this, worked great when it worked but always something burning out, vco not locking or relay not clicking. Resins, various varnishes, flux all break down and change over time too, vco was an...
  2. towerdog

    Gray 300 pre amp

    Your radio might have issues or need alignment. The Gray 300 has one of the better preamps compared to others I have used. Not much use on AM as the noise floor is almost always higher than a weak signal but excellent on SSB to make a weak signal loud enough to hear in a mobile.
  3. towerdog

    HTX-10 freq expansion with resistor?

    11 year old thread. I don't like the word can't, where there is a will there is a way, but there should also be a market for it.
  4. towerdog

    HTX-10 freq expansion with resistor?

    It's hidden under the PLL chip
  5. towerdog

    Where are the cobra fm cb radios?

    don't work, all you get is an FM icon, but without actual FM. same for the midland 75-830, 820 and 822
  6. towerdog

    Where are the cobra fm cb radios?

    They are probably waiting for others to come out with FM to see how they sell. AFAIK only one selling FCC approved FM is President, and they only offer one model with CTCSS and DCS, a walkie talkie!
  7. towerdog

    Which 11 meter dipole antenna???

    More like crackhead infested cesspool and copper they will steal. They steal aluminum too, happen to my old boss's rentals, took the damn siding off the house.
  8. towerdog

    Abbree AR - 780 Baofeng Platform Speaker Mic

    It's why I said "pretty much". I had one CCR that really was not that cheap, my first HT, a mid 2000s vintage $50 Feidaxin FDC-150, looks different than the new FDC 150, and it was heavy, loud and excellent RX on 2m although the bnc antenna broke the 1st month of using it. It had...
  9. towerdog

    What is the BEST AM-only mobile CB Radio ??

    To find the best somebody needs to hold a contest. Hard to go wrong with an old Cobra 29 though, or even a Cobra 25.
  10. towerdog

    Abbree AR - 780 Baofeng Platform Speaker Mic

    That's pretty much all chinese radios. Cheap toys some less bad than others, but not to be trusted when communications are a necessity.
  11. towerdog

    Abbree AR - 780 Baofeng Platform Speaker Mic

    Arbee has a lot of interesting products, some of them look like Baofengs but others unique like the HT with AM airband RX and giant LCD
  12. towerdog

    Motorola HT1250 low band 29-42Mhz handheld 10 meter FM

    not my auction. if it was $50 cheaper I would buy it but still not a bad deal.
  13. towerdog

    How do I buy a Randy III in the USA?

    I really want a Randy III but with CTCSS/DCS, repeater offset and of course expanded coverage beyond the 40 channels. They figured it all out on the EU version but nothing so far with the FCC. $150 is still too much for me to either be the first one to hack it or one of many to fubar it.
  14. towerdog

    Why are mobile CB radios stuck in the 70s?

    I wish CB was stuck in the 70s. 100s of manufactures and models to choose from, some like chrome trucker bling CB's, some more something out of a spaceship. Innovation, select calling, hackable PLL chips, made in USA quality, hell if anyone ever did make a CB with a dimmer it was back in the...
  15. towerdog

    How do I buy a Randy III in the USA?

    Keep searching ebay.co.uk, ebay.de, ebay.fr and ebay.nl, it's possible to find a deal on a used radio and I scored an Alan 42+ years ago for around $50 from Germany and a couple other Euro rigs over the years.
  16. towerdog

    CB FM Mode

    Another cool thing with FM is class-c amplifiers are "plug in play" no need to set the deadkey low or swing high to match the amp, there is no dead key, the frequency is modulated instead of the amplitude.
  17. towerdog

    CB FM Mode

    Don't take this the wrong way, I love AM mode when its done right. Loud, clear booming audio weather it be scanning the air band. talking on the CB with a station out in the Mohave to listening on a vintage tube radio to an AM broadcast station. A strong signal with the right hardware can...
  18. towerdog

    Rarest cb / export you’ve owned

    Galaxy DX99V, Teaberry Model-T, Sonar FS-23, Colt 510XL, Albrecht AE-something (AM/FM), Alan 42+, and a Midland 75-830. Most of them "owned" as in the past tense of the word except the valve radios those are gonna be fun when the next solar maximum kicks off.