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  1. wile2u

    I think I cooked my antenna

    I lost the load on my maco 5/8, i built the balun from this site http://www.g8jnj.net/cometcha250b.htm it is basically a clone of the cha-250. seams to work well, but it is pretty broadband.
  2. wile2u

    I already have an 2500a, it is a great amp. really looking for another hf rig.

    I already have an 2500a, it is a great amp. really looking for another hf rig.
  3. wile2u

    I have a 7000 I am thinking about selling, or trading.. Rich W6ABJ

    I have a 7000 I am thinking about selling, or trading.. Rich W6ABJ
  4. wile2u


    Hay watch it now, i had 303hp / 277tq out of that 2.3l it was amazing what a turbo setup with thunder chicken fuel injection would do.. boy that was a fun car..
  5. wile2u


    Is this what you are looking for ? Debunking AMC Modifications This article has been in the works for some time and has been painstakingly researched. The information contained herein applies to all operators of am transmitters. The all too rampant fad involving the destruction/alteration of...
  6. wile2u

    Off Toppic: Anyone Have A PACER Account ?

    Anyone Have A PACER Account, or access to one, I need something looked up. Someone I knew got arrested for pretty bad, and I wanted to see the court documents. Thanks Wile
  7. wile2u

    Radio wanted for camping

    Are you looking to buy or trade ?
  8. wile2u

    I Sure Hate Doing A New Installation.......

    I've been looking for one of those for a while, an x cab if i could find one.
  9. wile2u

    Which Band?

    I'm with you captian, 20m is my favorite, especially for PSK31
  10. wile2u

    Hiding In The White Noise

    Hiding In The White Noise
  11. wile2u

    plans or ideas for a homebrew rotator control box?

    ARDUINO ROTATOR COMPUTER INTERFACE AND CONTROLLER Arduino Rotator Computer Interface and Controller | Radio Artisan Most likely overkill for what you want to do, but it works awesome with Ham Radio Deluxe..
  12. wile2u

    MFJ-826B Digital SWR Wattmeter

    you should be able to calibrate that meter, through the menu settings, all wattage numbers are calculated in to a 50 ohm load, so if you are not using a 50 ohm load your numbers might vary a little.
  13. wile2u

    Fuse Replacement Guide

    Bullshit it was done on Mythbusters, and a 22 bullet will discharge. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  14. wile2u

    Arduino projects?

    I have built quite a few Arduino projects.. the one i use the most is the Icom Tune Controller for the IC-7000... It will take the radio from what ever mode it is in and power setting and change it to RTTY, 15W and key the radio until I press the button again, then it puts everything back where...
  15. wile2u

    Messenger 400

    pictures of the the m400
  16. wile2u

    Messenger 400

    thank you Shockwave, i'll get that posted later on today. as for leaving it alone, it isn't my style, I am all about making what you have work, you learn more, and enjoy the hobby more. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 4
  17. wile2u

    Messenger 400

    forgive me first off, as I am sitting here in the er with my son with a broken wrist. I have a Messenger 400 1x4 15m-80m amplifier. Love the amplifier but I would like to convert it from a low drive to a high drive, but lack the knowledge to do so. The radio I am driving it with is an Icom...
  18. wile2u

    Book or website, studying for tech.

    No-Nonsense Study Guides - KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog works so well my 8 year old passed.
  19. wile2u

    Swr with new antenna?

    high swr when high power applied, kinda sounds like a capacitive ground coupling issue. I have seen where a mag mount will not have a good rf ground plane when you apply power. If memory serves me correctly it had something to do with the load on the base of the antenna interacting with with...
  20. wile2u

    Yaesu vx3 stopped receiving - help please

    Check if tone squelch is turned on.. that will do it every time