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    Hey ya`ll i just got another messenger 223 and cant remember where the tune-up points. I need the power tune points and the modulation adjustment point. I also need the Y-12 crystal my 12,13,14,15 channels is out. thanks Butter Bean in the back weeds of Ga bunker2k1@hotmail.com
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    Expander kit and The Teaberry model T

    hey got a teaberry model t 40 chl tube. it has a mini switch on the back only up or down. up is normal 1/40 and down is not sure. i have traced down 4 frequencies with the help of a friend on the air. chl 12=27.425 13=27-435 14= 27-445 15= 27-455. does anybody have a chart that came with the...
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    Powerwerx DB-750X

    hello if anybody is still around for this i got 2 of these radios back 4/5 years ago and got the unlock keys and separation kits etc. within 2 years both radios are junk. one of them the radio goes dead when you key the mic, the 2nd one has transmit but no receive! after calling "tech support"...
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    Sirio TWIN-LOG High Performance CB Mobile Fiberglass Antenna?

    Geme my 102" of pure man hood. everything else is just a dummy load.
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    ISO: Parts layout and/or picture of a Midland 79-265...

    midland 79-265 hello does anybody still have this radio? m looking for parts channel knob and 3 of the push buttons? if the face plate is in good shape i may want that to mine is pretty bad shape Give me a call 678-735-2426 ask for tom
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    Mic wiring for a Johnson Messenger 250

    did anybody ever figure out what the wiring for the msg 250?i tried both of the abouve and either no rec or no trasmit.i know for a fact the turner+3 desk mic will work on the 250 it was my first base radio in 1969,same radio same mic.
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    johnson messenger 250

    has anyone come up with a wireing code for the messenger 250 to a 4 wire turner+3 desk mic i know it will work, i had the same setup it was my first base station in 1960 a 4 wire turner +3 desk mick and a 250 johnson.
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    Thunderbolt 305

    hello i just got a thunderbolt 305 today, love the amp but tubes are gone i can only get about 60 dk mod to 100. so looking for some 6lq6 tubes does anybody have any information on these amps?