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  1. K

    HF nets

    http://www.n1yz.com/HFNET_LIST.HTM Here is a link I use for HF nets,and it is pretty up to date
  2. K

    Hello all! Noob here with questions!

    Welcome to the board :biggrin: MFJ has study books as well ,I used that book for my general class test ham test online works well to
  3. K

    New Toy

    Yea it does East http://www.windhamweaponry.com/pdf/NewTechSeets/Carbon%20Fiber%20SRC%201-29-13%20MSRP.pdf there is the spec write up
  4. K

    New Toy

    Eastside it is a Windham Weaponry ..1/9 twist Taxi I did think about getting a trigger job done,decided against it,the Black Rain trigger group comes highly recomended by several people in my area,and the are made locally,have any trouble just drive 15 miles and trade it out for another...
  5. K

    New Toy

    I hate work sometimes.... :cursing: really cuts into my radio and other play time I happen to get.... Back to the scope issue.... I bought the scope at an estate sale/auction a while back.It was in a Nikon box,and it does have the Nikon style BDC cross hair ....not the mil dots . I...
  6. K

    New Toy

    Taxi ..I know the feeling already...for me it is just as bad as ham radio :wink: The scope is the Nikon 3 to 9 power with the 223 bullet drop cross hair....still ironing out the scope,got it pretty close at 50 yards before it got to cold to be at the range,going to the 100 yard benches next...
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    FT270R ordered: Any thoughts?

    You should be happy with that HT....I have the FT 60 duel bander myself,if the 270 is as good as the FT 60 you will love it My FT 60 lives a hard life,it gets thrown in the car for a few days at a time,and is on my nail bags when I am working from time to time and it is holding up just fine...
  8. K

    New Toy

    ZNA I live in the Joplin area,so you and I are neighbours...sort of :biggrin: I read if it is .22 cal center fire or bigger it is legal The 223 / 5.56 is a great round for my area .With the right loads it will knock down a deer with no trouble...and I have talked to a few people that has...
  9. K

    New Toy

    :laugh: ..Duster the M-14 is one hell of a rifle and would love to have one ...the 7.62 Nato round is hard to beat Thanks guys !! It is my first AR. Windham Weaponry is who it is from with Nikon 3 to 9 glass and Nikon mounts, Getting a DIT Trigger | Black Rain OrdnanceBlack Rain...
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    New Toy

    OK..I know it isnt a radio,but still brings out a huge grin just like a new radio does ....and it can reach out and touch something ..and is alot of bang for the buck :tongue:
  11. K

    Interesting Article

    good read !! and worth a stickie...
  12. K

    Should I do it to my Radio.

    If you have no intentions to use it outside the ham radio bands I would leave it be.I have heard of people having issues with their radios ( not just your radio ) after doing mods. I am not saying all radios will have issues,but some radios will
  13. K

    what is the most reliable ham band (HF)

    Depending on the time of day will make a difference as to what band to use,some bands will start to open up at night as others are closing down. All I can say is get a multiband dipole ( I use an off center fed windom ) and start trying the different bands out to see what happens
  14. K

    766 the big boss in CALI

    Looks like he is running about 9 Bird watts to me.... :tongue:
  15. K

    Passed General class test

    Grats !! :thumbup:
  16. K

    10-12 open this morning!

    I wonder if Todd is still whining about getting his 10-10 number pulled
  17. K

    How important is SWR?

    very little if any
  18. K

    How important is SWR?

    The antenna is to long,need to shorten it up a bit,with VHF it doesnt take much cutting on an antenna to make a huge difference . And yes SWR can make a difference .When a signal is reflected back into a radio ,the radio gets rid of the reflected signal in the form of heat ,as you know heat...
  19. K

    VHF keydowns

    That suv looks a tad top heavy to me
  20. K

    Help with Yaesu FT2900R

    I hate to tell you that the quest for longer contacts never ends !! :thumbup: I enjoy hitting the far away repeaters and the simplex contacts.... My best contact yet on VHF is the International Space Station And I am still not done digging signals out of the background noise :biggrin: