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  1. DXman

    How to remove corrosion from plate and antenna variable caps

    Try baking soda and water.....
  2. DXman

    338 div. now on....

    338DA/0C027 - now on .580 usb. in the Marquesas Islands. Really good conditions again today for the Pacific. He is making contacts to east coast also.
  3. DXman

    Rotuma Is.....

    325DA/0 is now active on .610 usb. I think he started yesterday. He was making lots of contacts in the afternoon into S. America and N. America. I have worked this division many years ago. Rotuma Youtube video
  4. DXman

    Channels to check for dxing into Europe.

    Humm - I wonder how it is that I have talked to several stations in S. Africa on 27 through the last cycle and have had several people tell me from there, that 27 is their call channel? But I guess it doesn't really matter, I'll just carry on talking to them in S. Africa on 27..........
  5. DXman

    Channels to check for dxing into Europe.

    I do believe that 27 USB is a S. Africa call channel and that ch 28 USB might be for the UK.
  6. DXman

    Channels to check for dxing into Europe.

    I know that there lots of people that know this, but a little more info might help. There as been more and more people operating from EU in the 40 channel area - mostly channel's 35 to 40 on the LSB (but don;t be afraid to check out USB too}. Also remember to check the "0"s also, like - 370...
  7. DXman

    Marquesas Is. yesterday.

    Had a nice qso with gentleman from the UA Huka area. Location just above French Polynesia. His call was 338 RC 101. Where Are The Marquesas Islands? The Marquesas’ archipelago is located 932 miles (1,500 km) northeast of the island of Tahiti and spread out over 12 islands, of which only six are...
  8. DXman

    Larry, 178 DxMan

    Hello Jeff, Well it is always a pleasure to chat with you, we don't get the chance to often to make it happen. But I am sure we well be doing it again........ Take care down there Jeff... 73's Larry
  9. DXman

    Anyone own this Beam

    A local here had one, but took it down. Not sure if his was a 8 or maybe a 4, but either way he didn't like it at all. It was hard to tune and he discovered that when he transmitted on the vertical, there was lots of power coming back down the horizontal feed line. So he has it for sale and...
  10. DXman

    It's been an interesting week.

    Well Captain Kilowatt sure hope those blood cots go away. Probably be on "blood thinners" before long, like I am now, with my AFib. I too now have shortness of breath, down to 30% lung capacity now..... because of my Bronchitis over the years...... So be very careful and I am sure your wife...
  11. DXman

    Base Station Antenna Interaction

    I have two towers that are 55' apart - one with a 1 -10K and the other with a /-/-/-/-/ horizontal, no interference from them at that distance.
  12. DXman

    30-30 Ammo

    I was fortunate to be able to get all of my brass free for many years. Rifle range + gravel pits around here always had plenty of brass laying around. I sold over 2000 brass casings (30-06) to local scrap yard one day. I also made a $40 sale to one gentlemen on some 300 Weatherby Magnum casing...
  13. DXman

    World Map Updated.

    Well Chris, there's not really to much more to show for now, but when this cycle is over then maybe I will have a few more "new" countries added. I had a chance to get a contact from Qtar a week ago, but one of them guys on the east coast and his 1.5 kw took over - sure wish they would outlaw...
  14. DXman

    Into Mongolia this evening!!

    USB BigLou
  15. DXman

    Into Mongolia this evening!!

  16. DXman

    Into Mongolia this evening!!

    Although it took about 12 calls, he finally heard me. His call was 95AT102. Naran said because of all the QRM it was hard to hear anyone else. Made it with just a S5. This makes the 3 contact to Mongolia since 2003, when I get his qsl card I will post it.
  17. DXman

    Togo today....

    Got lucky on this one. 164AT/DX - TOGO a small country in Africa. Just 3 calls and I was in the log with a S5. Oh - one more thing - just 100 watts from the 7300 did the job!
  18. DXman

    East Malaysia

    Made a nice contact to 58RC001 (Helmy) in East Malaysia this early evening. He was also working a lot of stations in S. America. S5 on the signal. He told me I was his 1st contact to N. America..... Then a few minutes later I was in QSO with my good friend Jan from Thailand and 155da441 (Gary)...
  19. DXman

    Hong Kong tonight......

    Well I worked Igor again from Hong Kong tonight and also a long time radio friend from Thailand - Jan I use to talk to Jan when he was living in the Netherlands and head of the IR radio club back in 2000. So it was nice to chat with him again.
  20. DXman

    Hong Kong tonight......

    Well groundwire here is a couple cards of my 11 meter contacts to China, just so you can believe it.