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  1. TonyV225

    1995 Polaris Indy Storm 800 Snowmobile For sale or trade

    Yes this went right away, This can actually be removed. I haven't been on here in awhile and apologize.
  2. TonyV225


    I don't really buy get into the 10 Meter or glorified CB Radios but I have read really good things about these radios and have a few friends that run them and run them on 10 Meters and they all said they are totally rock solid on SSB which is most important to me along with audio quality and...
  3. TonyV225

    galaxy 93t 10meter for sale or trade

    WOW!!! Havent been here in quite awhile and this one threw me for a loop LMAO!!
  4. TonyV225

    AUTEK WM 1

    Yes the downfall of the Autek was the fact the center pin on power jack is ( - ) and the outer shell was ( + ) which was a bad mistake for those who didn't pay attention as it should be written on the back of the case. Basically was reversed from what anyother 12 Volt device would be wired and...
  5. TonyV225

    I think I cooked my antenna

    I have ran power through the original Antron 99 and the later Solarcon A99 and never burnt one up. I have also ran my A99 on 6, 11, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 meter bands with a tuner efficient not 100% but mad contacts and have a few friends that ran them on 40 Meters and another close friend ran his...
  6. TonyV225

    RM ITALY Station 550 Linear Amp, Any body familiar?

    I just put my KLV / STATION 550 back to gether Tuesday. Yesterday it needed the 6 position power selector switch replaced. Never did get the preamp working even changed both the keying type transistors in the circuit and still no preamp but the thing works good as new. Funny thing is I used it...
  7. TonyV225

    Yaesu FT-840 repair

    What was the issue pn this radio? Was it the bad resistor or the typical Trimmer Cap?
  8. TonyV225

    Stryker Radio, info ? are they built by Galaxy ?

    What is the Band coverage or frequency coverege o these new Strykers?? Will the cover 10-12 Meters? Or is it the typical export 10-11
  9. TonyV225

    Stalker XX on 10m

    That is really cool!!! I wonder if the GE Super Base will do that aswell/ Im not into CB Radios but Those GE Super Base sound outstandin g with the stock microphone with theb radios built in speach compressor or processor and tyhey in my opinion are the best sounding CB radios as they have that...
  10. TonyV225

    IMAX 2000/40 METERS

    I tell people all the time that if you think your super scannet or other cb antenna hears good on 40 and 80 meter if you hook up a wire flat or dipole your going to get 3 times the signal and probably fallover!! My Antron will tune 20 meters but my multiband vertical and my inverted Vee...
  11. TonyV225

    RF Limited News . . .

    Ive often looked at the CR577 but dont know anyone whos run one. Are they comparable to my ASTATIC MB575?? I was gunshy as I had seen articles are their mics or a few breaking being cheaply made :( Ide still like one so anyone thats tried one any input would be appreciated.
  12. TonyV225


  13. TonyV225

    Uniden PC-122 help

    I can tell you fro experience that for some reason those Clarifiers are goofy. I love those PC122 and sold one this passed year that I had installed the Expo Expander N kit in and that clarifier was touchy to where you had to turn it ever so slightly as it would take a second for the radios...
  14. TonyV225

    Texas Star amplifier.

    You guys behave yourselves!! LMAO!!
  15. TonyV225

    Texas Star amplifier.

    The Texas Star have been around a long time and they are nice amplifiers I use my DX 500 amplifiers on 10 and 12 meters they work and sound great no problems and never had issues other that a keying transistor 1 time and lightbulbs in pushbuttons. That's why Ive ran these same amplifiers for 20...
  16. TonyV225

    10-11m gizmotchy converted to 6m?

    Otherwise just contact Tom he is the owner and will help you with any questions I may be going down there for a day soon here so if you need anything let me know I can grab it while Im there. Weather is finally getting better for us so Ill be able to get my 4 element down and get my 6 element up...
  17. TonyV225

    FT-857 question

    The AM is different on the amateur rigs your not going to have the swing a CB radio would have and these radios are set up to run clean or tried to be set to run as clean as possible. SSB HF rigs will kick but but if you are an AM user they can be set to sound great but their not going to boom...
  18. TonyV225

    FT-857 question

    I explained lastnight about the power difference in AM and SSB I explained that AM will actually do a "25 watt" carrier at 100 watt setting in AM as its factory set for 25 watts maximum. I was thinking that if he was indeed testing it on AM that it would make sense which is why I explained the...
  19. TonyV225

    FT-857 question

    It depends bud... On audio ETC Remember that seeing full slamming scale isn't always good ;) you can easily be overdriven at that point. Also the stock Mi9crophones help with assisting in not overdriving. If you whistle then most likely full scale on output or (RF) meter but if you talk normal...
  20. TonyV225


    Icom is so full of $h!t with their quad conversion claims!!! the tried cheating by jumping off an IF stage if I am correct I remember reading about it years ago!!! The 11 meter boys that run the Icoms in my area refuse to accept this but then again they have had conversations on the 11 meter...