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    Thought I'd build a 10 Meter Moxon

    I have built a 10 Meter Moxon and have made several contacts with the antenna mounted at 12 ft above ground. Measured VSWR with a MFJ-269 antenna analyzer shows the following bandwidths: 2:1 = 27.740 to 30.160 MHz 1.5:1 = 27.900 to 28.840 MHz 1.3:1 = 28.000 to 28.600 MHz Resonant at 28.300...
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    California City Incorporates Hams..........

    California city incorporates hams in response program | Disaster Response content from Urgent Communications
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    HF the last resort?

    I thought Public Safety was in favor of VHF/UHF/800 MHz and higher, but look at this: Intrado inks deal for 'Apocalypse-proof' HF offering | Intrado content from Urgent Communications
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    SAL Electronics 6 Meter Moxon

    SAL Electronic is developing a 6 Meter Moxon. The antenna features 1/2” 0.058” hard drawn aluminum tubing, 1-1/2” square aluminum tubing, all stainless steel hardware, fiberglass insulation, and a 6 KW PEP balun. Yes!, that's 6 KW PEP or 3 KW AM (Continuous Carrier) operation. Thus, this Moxon...
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    World IPv6 launch on Wednesday (6-6-12)

    World IPv6 launch is Wednesday 6-6-12. Another Y2K event? :sad: See article: Internet powers flip the IPv6 switch (FAQ) | Business Tech - CNET News
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    World launch of IPv6 6-6-12

    Starting Wednesday 6-6-12 many Internet Site will flip to IPv6 address format as permanent status. See info: Internet powers flip the IPv6 switch (FAQ) | Business Tech - CNET News. Just a notice of information. Mike, KC9Q
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    17 Meters open

    Just QSO'ed with FM1FV on 18.146 MHz, on Martinique Island. Manuel has a very strong signal to the US.
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    Total Solar Eclipse Sunday 5-12-12

    You luck West Coast guys get to see the whole show. SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids SOLAR ECLIPSE THIS WEEKEND: On Sunday, May 20th, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun, producing an annular solar eclipse...
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    SAL Electronics Antennas

    About SAL Electronics Products SAL Electronic’ is committed to the design and the production of HF wire antennas and VHF/UHF fixed station antennas for the Amateur Radio market. Our products span the short-wave market as well as the amateur radio market. The main goal of SAL Electronic...