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    What are ya'lls prefessions??

    UPS driver {big rigs} not the little brown trucks- 5 years from retirement.
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    10 Meters!

    Thanks forgot to mention that
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    10 Meters!

    Band edges for tech is 28.0MHz to 28.5MHz which includes SSB voice
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    I don't drink ....but I surely would start!

    You have your glasses on?
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    Hello all! Noob here with questions!

    I used HAMTESTONLINE.com I found it easy to use and it tracked your progress HamTestOnline™
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    which U.S. president are you?

    Andrew Jackson for me
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    I'll be glad when its over...

    Its kind of like an annoying relative you wish would go away and when they do, you miss them
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    Anybody enjoy a smoke or dip?

    Had to look up mugjug, no Nick23 I do not. LOL
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    Antenna Suggestions

    Bought mine from DNJ Radio. ND88, are they out of stock?
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    Antenna Suggestions

    I love my Sirio 5000, buy it with the mag mount made for it though
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    galaxy 99v2

    Another thing is that you have to choose between talkback and the ANL/NB. You can't use both at same time
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    Anybody enjoy a smoke or dip?

    That's funny Im just the opposite, I find smoking nasty. LOL
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    New radio

    My Magnum S3-175 shows using only 16 amps according to the meter on my ALINCO DM-330MVT Power Supply and I have no problem running it into that 30 amp supply.
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    Sirio and DNJ

    I agree, DNJ is a good place to do business with. One night, around 9PM, I sent them an inquiry on one of their Sirio products and to my amazement it was answered immediately. After a series of back and forth e-mails and a quick check of his inventory I ordered what I needed. Can't ask for...
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    Passed General class test

    Congrats, now it's time to LEARN everything that you just memorized to pass the test. I passed my General about 6 months ago by memorizing the answers and have been spending most of my time learning as much as I can about the subjects that I memorized to pass. You can use local ham clubs, the...
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    Base or Mobile or both?

    I run a base and a mobile in my pickup truck and another mobile in my work tractor.
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    Goodwill Score

    You have a better chance of your tower getting hit with lighting on a sunny day, save your money and buy more radio equipment LOL
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    Poll: Roger Beeps

    Dont use a RB, ignore those that do.
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    Hy-Gain Auto Rotator

    Thanks Doc, Was leaning to the more expensive one anyway, so if I changed to a larger antenna I wouldn't have to upgrade the rotor also.