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  1. BJ radionut

    Swr problem on 102" whip

  2. BJ radionut

    Cant save forum page to home screen?

    I liked the old blue header scheme I had before, instead of this "Shades of Gray":love: format. I'll live with it, or find the right setting to change:cool:
  3. BJ radionut

    First report... on First test... of my new (to me!) Tram D201A

    My first thought BEFORE any other work. Once you get the case open. Test the Tubes!!!! Any that are even marginable swap out. IMHO GL All the Best Gry
  4. BJ radionut

    Solarcon MAX OPTIMZER The Ultimate 10-11 Meter Base Antenna

    Replacement for IMAX2000 Antenna Original IMAX 2000 is now discontinued 1-2 DB better than ANY other 5/8ths wave(y):ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Wow! $210 USD plus shipping (R & L has $239 free ship) ... Think I would buy Penetrator for $$220 USD...Hell the MOSLEY GP is only $100 more...The Zero 5 still...
  5. BJ radionut

    Build me a Ham Shack

  6. BJ radionut


  7. BJ radionut

    Guitar Amplifier Cap. question.

    Parts Express 33uF 450V Polarized Electrolytic Axial Capacitor (parts-express.com) (y)(y)
  8. BJ radionut

    Rx vs tx optimum settings

    Air Variable Capacitor Stock# AC-8 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc. (mgs4u.com) ALPS Japan Air Variable Capacitor 5 Gang Meshed 20 360pf AM | Etsy Air Variable Capacitor Soviet Variable Capacitor Used HAM | Etsy
  9. BJ radionut

    COVID 19 home tests

    Old Tech: Glad it worked out that way for you. I have lost 2 good friends, since fall. These were both members of the DX Contest Club, which I am a board member. The latest went to hospital on Dec 23.21 ... He never came home. He passed Saturday 1.15.22 (In good health before, was 64 years old)...
  10. BJ radionut

    Line conditioner or surge protection strip

    I had the Power Company install a Transient Voltage Suppressor. This installs right at the meter base. I had a "strike" near the house on the main line running down this street years ago, this took out TVs, frig/freezer's, lamps, computers about everything. Neighbors had same issues. The...
  11. BJ radionut

    Rx vs tx optimum settings

    CHRIS: Darn you buddy!!!! I told you to put up an inverted "L" off that very cool, tilt-over antenna mount years ago when you brought Grandpa's Hammarlund home!!!! Dang it with ALL that NICE HF Gear ((y):LOL:) you have there, you should have a receiving antenna for them. You add a very simple...
  12. BJ radionut

    It's coming along.....

    Looks great! Except, I hope I am not seeing an extension cord run under the carpet behind that desk. (?) :rolleyes::eek::LOL: The WAR ROOM here! 13 feet long .... 30 inches deep ... 30 inches from floor level And STILL NEED MOOOORE SPACE!!!!;):love::LOL:
  13. BJ radionut

    today's 15m DX

  14. BJ radionut

    Home An SB-220 needing lots of attention

    David: Nice stuff Dude! I did the same color scheme to my last SB-220 when I converted it to 6 meters(y):) The band switch location now houses the "Tunable Input Circuit". I removed that junk "relative output/swr circuit" plugged that switch hole, now just have Grid/HV/Plate amp functions for...
  15. BJ radionut

    Build me a Ham Shack

    Back-Ordered Item Due to the high demand for the KX3, it will take longer than usual to fulfill orders. Please visit our Shipping Status page for updated information. We apologize for the inconvenience. Alex: IMHO...Your first rig, you should not buy a rig built primarily for portable...
  16. BJ radionut

    ARRL January VHF Contest

    ARRL January VHF Contest: 1900Z, Jan 15 to 0359Z, Jan 17 Saturday 2:00 PM EDT thru Sunday 11:59 PM EDT Contest Objective: For amateurs in the US and Canada (and their possessions) to work as many amateur stations in as many different 2 degrees x 1 degree Maidenhead grid squares as possible...
  17. BJ radionut

    WANTED Icom 7000 remote kit/cable

    DM5AL remote head interface for the ICOM IC7000 - YouTube