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    Rough copy of 309 on 27.400LSB Lots of loud stations out.
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    Amazon Mobile Antenna Ripoff

    It's likely you got a fake from Amazon. I ordered a Garmin watch for the wife and everything about it looked right, packaging, straps, case. The only clue it was a fake was the manual was incorrect and the software was wrong and wouldn't update from the Garmin webpage. There was a reason it...
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    Lets logically end the LMR-400 debate.

    I run 135' of Davis bury-flex 400, that is direct buried in my lawn. The ends are waterproofed per commercial standards and it has been in service for 2+ years now with zero issues. Currently running 1.2KW PEP through it, to an IMAX2000 that I use on 10, 12, 15, & 17 meters, on 17 meters the...
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    i pass

    Congratulations! The amateur license get you access to 24/7 propagation.
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    Reclaim LSB 16

    Alternating between calling on 16LSB and 40USB with it all turned on. Just made a QSO w/ F224 in California. Talking w/Unit 442 now
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    Best SSB Radio under $300?

    AnyTone 6666, currently the best bang for the $$$$
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    Max optimizer antenna

    I got mine just before they made the Max Optimizer version, so I extended the tip with a 12" piece of stainless soldered to the conductor. It's been great for 2+ years now. Does anyone know what the true SSB power handling is for this antenna? Looking at doing a big station upgrade this...
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    Hemi Under Glass

    RIP Bob..... A true original.
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    very happy day today

    That's awesome! Keep going and get your general, so you can get on HF.
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    Hp server power supply mod.

    I'm running a dps-1200sb as my station power supply and it has no noise from 160meters up to 70cm. Bought a pile of these on ebay for $19ea. 15 minutes of work and its at 14.7volts.
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    How about a "DX-DAY" for forum members

    My biggest issue with 16lsb is all the AM stations that are competing for the same frequency making anything more than a quick signal report extremely difficult. 40 USB tends to be much quieter. Another alternative I have mentioned is 27.195USB or LSB, normally there is very little traffic...
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    UhOh, Did Uncle Charlie Wake Up?

    It's really simple to avoid this: make sure the 2nd & 3rd harmonics at at least 40db down or more. If the neighbors bitch about you being in their electronics, fix it.
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    Mobile radio power voltage

    Most vehicles charge @ 13.8 - 14.8 volts and this will drop as temperature increases. Many newer vehicles have battery management that drops the charge voltage to 12.9 when the computer thinks the battery is charged. To hold the voltage as high as possible use large gauge power cables and...
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    How about a "DX-DAY" for forum members

    Another option for a quieter frequency is 27.195 USB, most export radios can get there in VFO mode. I'll run pretty much anywhere while mobile, but while on the base I keep it within the CB and Amateur bands.
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    How about a "DX-DAY" for forum members

    It is really dead here right now, short skip conditions have been opening up almost every evening though. Ill try again in a couple of hours.
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    How about a "DX-DAY" for forum members

    Propagation is weird sometimes. I don't have much more headroom to turn this station up to even try getting through to you.
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    How about a "DX-DAY" for forum members

    In a QSO with 399 right now
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    How about a "DX-DAY" for forum members

    Finally off work. Calling occasionally on 27.405 USB. I have it all turned on today, we'll see if the IMAX 2000 will burn up.
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    How about a "DX-DAY" for forum members

    Good idea on going to USB, not many on 27mhz run there. I can try to get on the radio occasionally throughout the weekend. Post some times and I'll make a point to be out with it turned all the way up. WDX134