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  1. Christopher17

    External speaker recommendations

    Got the President installed wanting to mount an external speaker below it, thinking I needed amplified, looked an a non amplified mfj, and amplified and non-amplified uniden that we're more in my price range, reviews were mixed , any one have had good results with an external? my truck is noisy...
  2. Christopher17

    WTB SSB radio

    Got a great deal on a used president Lincoln ll , thanks for all the help!
  3. Christopher17

    WTB SSB radio

    I looked at that 5555N, 240$ from Amazon, might do the trick
  4. Christopher17

    Considering the sale of my Yaesu FT-990

    Thanks for.the reply, out of my price range, wish it wasn't, just what I need
  5. Christopher17

    Radios and equipment for sale

    Looking for decent budget priced SSB mobile, use SSB most of the time , not much on AM , got price on your radios shipped to our 76556
  6. Christopher17

    WTB SSB radio

    Looking for good used SSB mobile export style radio or Mars mod ham rig, Thank you Christopher
  7. Christopher17

    Considering the sale of my Yaesu FT-990

    Do you have a total $ shipped to 76556 Thanks
  8. Christopher17


    Do you have a total $ shipped to 75666 Thank you
  9. Christopher17

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Hawaii, Guam, South America, coast to coast Canada, Caribbean islands, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Scotland, QSO's all day long , just amazing day of propagation
  10. Christopher17

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Austria, Scotland, Italy, Costa Rica, Canada, Northeast US, 10 and 11 meters is nuts ,lot of south America and Europe right now, just nuts
  11. Christopher17

    And so it begins - Cobra’s “New” Generation Surface Mount Technology

    Nothing scary about SMD, just smaller and need good quality tweezers, microscope, and specialized soldiering tips , if you have board level soldering skills you can learn most of the SMD skills in a few hours
  12. Christopher17

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Since the hurricane has just been sitting there, we have QSO with South Africa, South America, Caribbean islands 10 and 11 meters
  13. Christopher17

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Heard you for a second on 28 AM, too many folks keying up same time, made a few QSO's in your neck of the woods on 38LSB
  14. Christopher17

    Anyone metal detect?

    I would be interested in purchasing one and trying again , don't know anything about them, what is a good one to buy ?
  15. Christopher17

    Newcomer curious how to get started watching tags

    Not sure either, try search feature
  16. Christopher17

    I Am A Complete Newbie And At Your Complete Mercie

    So many options, most folks are using ham radio with Mars mod, expensive way to start in my opinion, you will need a power supply, amplifier, base unit transeiver, antenna, antenna pole, coax, swr meter maybe antenna analizer, you can start with a simple mobil radio and basic ground plane and...
  17. Christopher17

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Some strong stations coming in from Central America, Buenos Aires, Puetro rico, 27.5550 usb & 38lsb
  18. Christopher17

    Nasty static showing up all over town...anyone else?

    Had 7/9db and up static here in Central Texas starting in March, log book blank except for couple days where it cleared, no difference with base or mobil, conditions have gone from dry to wet with no change
  19. Christopher17

    Ammo Availability In Your Area ?

    Worse that the last ammo scare, same scenario the small gun shop folks are lined up at academy before they open to buy out stock for resale , very little common ammo , no .22,no .45, no 9mm , plenty .223 as always, no 30/06 or 308