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    Sirio Gainmaster 5/8 wave antenna.

    well i believe ya answered ya own question.. ideally 36 to the feedpoint or bottom of antenna is ideal..but also setup like ya currently got it is better for dx ..and higher is better for local...so the real question is do want better local or dx??far as dx i think it appears to me its working...
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    HR 2510 and KL-503 to many watts

    it can be made to work with as others already posted ...however a texas star 500v is a perfect match for this radio .it take all the 2510 can dishout..
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    ASTROPLANE best vertical antenna ever?

    is that from over seas ??if so what they soak ya for shipping
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    stryker sra 10 mog mount

    so been thinking of trying this antenna .. currently using a sirio 5000 .. seems ok . recieve is a lil noisy it picks up every static .. the stryker has alot of good reviews .and ya it does light up but theres a video on youtube how to take that out
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    Home New truck new install

    ok ..so the first post with the truck shows a fiberglass antenna ..guessing not using that anymore..the black on black look sharp
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    Home New truck new install

    looks good..how ya like that sirio antenna ??? ive never tried there fiberglass mobile antennas .
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    maco V-58 vs. workman W-58

    m400 is a great option for in the valley..i lived in a valley for 7 years was told the same only i didnt listen..lol .only better option might be to put up a flatside beam
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    X treme 2018 mic

    it may adjust the echeo board ..idk never had mine apart either
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    wilson 2000 swr difficulty

    get a hold of a mfj 259b .. what channel do you mostly talk on ?? try tuning it to that exact channel.. whats swr on 1 and 40? you said ya trimmed it already may need a lil more ?? just dont over due it
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    Stryker SR-10 antenna problem

    did you contact stryker?? they seem to always wanna correct issues with there customers .i always wondered about that tram 3000.. does it unscrew off the base /magnet like the stryker\wilson
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    Just ordered the Sirio 2016. Good move or not?

    just wanted to chime in too. ive had my sirio 2016 since 2009 ..i wrote a review on it at copper electronics where i bought it .my name on there is dale. ive iseen it withstand winds over 70 mph .i seen it completly frozen over from a ice storm and actually suffered a 1.8.1 swr i thought for...
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    New Texas Ranger "Top One"

    while im glad some is making a cb radio with ssb ..its price is way off ..my grant xl was only 150.00 years ago new ..if im gonna spend 300 hundred on a radio it will be a lincoln 2 or quad 6
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    New Sirio 1/2 wave Gain Master

    the 500 watt power limit ..is that ssb or am carrier??
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    New Sirio 1/2 wave Gain Master

    i have 2 locals here in north west pa with the full size gaimaster and they had no issues what so ever..your review is pretty much what i expected
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    ASTROPLANE best vertical antenna ever?

    you get them from mr.coily now same design justbeefed up and i think unlimited power handling
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    Just ordered the Sirio 2016. Good move or not?

    never heard or seen of one
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    Just ordered the Sirio 2016. Good move or not?

    i see same results as you .. just a great antenna for your dollar imho
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    BEST 11 Meter omni antenna: Performance vs Strength vs Cost

    copper electronics has the sirio starduster for 78 i believe
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    Just ordered the Sirio 2016. Good move or not?

    the main whip as in the top with the egg beater top??? you gotta tune the antenna with this one using there freq. chart.ive had mine since 2009 and wrote a rerview on copper electronics .it easily covers all of cb band with a perfect swr . and up to 28 mhz with a 1.5 ...not a narrow banded...
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    Smokey and the CB

    here in pa i havent seen any cop cars with a cb antenna for probaly 30 years ..the antennas i see are really short base loaded and guessing nmo mount as theres no visable coax..i know a few yearsago i could find action on the police scanner on about 150mhz and again on about 450 mhz