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    Learning CW, what method?

    get kmt pro from the play store for your android assuming you have android, i love cw and this program has help me with my speed, in contest i could work about 38 wpm (i know what to expect) on a rag chew i could do with about 25 wpm comfortably. KMT pro been with me for a few years now and in...
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    Imax vs. Sirio 827

    i must say the sirio 827 has been my bread and butter all band vertical, for the past few years, i have tune this antenna with my palstar tunner from 28 mhz to 30 meters made thousands of contacts since putting it up in 2017 with average power of 1kw, on the other hand i replace it with an imax...
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    What is your all time favorite BASE AMP?

    in my 40+ years on the radio hobby i had many and none last either i smoke them or sold them finally years ago i decided to buy an alpha 86 (used) been my best amp ever. drive it to 1.5k with 55 watts. max is 2.2k i never will go there. but is nice to know that it could. i would dead key 1.5...
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    5kW Mobile tube or solid-state?

    wow $$$$
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    Dam Virus got my friend

    yup the shit is real this is a biological virus Chinese made and is made to kill millions if not stop soon. nobody really knows how is this thing being transmitted, for now my friends keep the nose and mouth cover and hands clean, stay away from people if possible. i want to live to see those...
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    Dam Virus got my friend

    you not alone me and my friend were talking about retiring from our jobs me 35 years him 25 yearswith public se
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    Suggestion on 1KW 2m amplifier

    i use to run a henry 2k on ssb/ fm simplex on 2 meters about 20 years ago one of the better amps on the used market today.
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    Gizmotchy 2 Meter 4 Element Beam Review

    this is an old threat, but I just got a gizmo 4 element I set it for 11 meters. compare it to my 4 element yagi almost if not equal. the big advantage is the dual polarization. I love this feature cause it work so well. not able to get it any higher than 10 feet on my roof my swr was a stable...
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    More channel 6 questions

    the whole mentality of that channel is testosterone. is simple concept the more power the more you repeat yourself. those big giant dirty amp has fried some brain cells. example the verbal click, click noise at the end of their transmission, that is meant to be a relay contact noise made by old...
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    safe device + unsafe operator =

    perfect camera shot. but did anybody notice that lady had that fake blood on her finger before touching him???
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    Poor unfortunate Freddie Gray!

    is so funny just reading the bullshit here. the cops that chase poor Freddy had no knowledge of his record. the cops that chase poor Freddy was chasing him for making eye contact and running no crime was being committed nor he was coming from a crime scene or going to commit a crime. is a 3...
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    If your 128 pill amp isn't enough........

    people that have mortgages don't buy these toys at these prices just to key up on another dummy, sadly people that buy these things are usually non employee living on the government check dope dealer. somewhere in the net there is an image of a cb operator with these two huge amps living in a...
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    help with x force x80

    i know this is an old post. but i have to say i sometimes fire up my birds (browning mk3) swinging 10 watts into the x force 80 at 50% into my alpha 86 amp. dead keys (am) 800watts swings to 2200 watts, alpha meter don't lie here. that browning draws lost of attention in a hurry. now looking...
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    Best CB Radio DX Antenna?

    you will get a huge responce for different type of antennas. if you are serious about just talking dx it starts with a good receiver (radio) the antenna would have to be a beam on the flat side or horizontaly polarized 3 element or more the better the ability to be able to turn this antenna...
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    Any FCC busts for DXing?

    fcc don't give two shits about cb radio anymore. where you been? if it don't generated any revenue it has no value to the fcc. fcc only get involve when is a radio interference complaint and only would send the offending station some kind of notice thru the mail usually this is all that would...
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    Browning eagle mark 3

    as far as receiving i concern this radio has one of the best receivers that i have ever came across as far as cb radio is concern. this bird is old and you might have to send it to barket electronics. hope i got the name correct. anyway my mark 3 is about 3 watts dead key swings to about 15...