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  1. PD0AC

    Review Leixen VV-898 aka Jetstream JT270M

    Fun radio, little price, but with issues. The transmitter could use some extra filtering (harmonic suppression) and, while super sensitive, the receiver is a Halloween nightmare in environments with a lot of RF pollution. Full review: hamgear.wordpress.com/ Hans
  2. PD0AC

    Wouxun KG-UV8D

    I just posted the manual of this radio on my blog, Looks nice (on paper). Hans
  3. PD0AC

    Review Anytone AT-6666 "Expert Radio"

    I got a preview sample from Anytone and put it to the test. I can't copy & past all of it here, but Anytone did a good job. Most important improvements: Better TX audio Better harmonic suppression No strange mixer products anymore More TX output power (if you care) Better looks...
  4. PD0AC

    Icom ID-5100

    Not my cup of tea, but interesting for D-Star users: Osaka Hirano, president of Icom Inc., recently announced a new VHF/UHF D-Star transceiver, the ID-5100. Two versions will be released at the end of February 2014: a 50W version, the ID-5100, and a 20W version, the ID-5100D...
  5. PD0AC

    FT-350 Knock Off...

    Yes, the FTM-350 knock-off.... The radio is build by VGC (Vero Telecom), a biggie in Chinese radio land. When I started to communicate with them they stressed to say that, while the design of the radio mimics the Yaesu, the radio circuitry is of their own hand. VGC asked me if I would be...
  6. PD0AC

    Hamfest Depression

    You have to remember that ham radio operators aren't capable of writing off the value their own old equipment, but are masters at it when they want to buy something.
  7. PD0AC

    icom v82 or baofeng gt3

    I have reviewed all of these models -- and many more. If this will be your first radio, I would go for the UV-82 also. Pros Big, professional looking radio, dual PTT key is located where it should be, Better overall performance thanks to more efficient stock antenna One Watt of extra...
  8. PD0AC

    baofeng GT-3 Two-Way Radio review

    I was not sure what to expect. I actually did not want to review any UV-5R variety anymore, because it was all about how the radios looked like, not about how they performed. However, both the manufacturer and early adopters claimed that the GT-3 was a much better radio. I just had to check...
  9. PD0AC

    baofeng GT-3 Two-Way Radio review

    I just finished an in-depth review of this radio and compared it to a standard UV-5R. Harmonic suppression is something Baofeng should really look at -- fast. All in all my opinion is that this model is overpriced. Review Baofeng GT-3 | Ham Radio Blog PD0AC Hans
  10. PD0AC

    Powerwerx DB-750X

    There may be slight differences in the software / menus, but the functionallity is largerly the same. Hans
  11. PD0AC

    Powerwerx DB-750X

    Last week I received the Polmar DB-50M, the European version of the Powerwerx DB-750X. The article is a bit large, but here are the main points: The radio is a variety of the Anytone AT-5888UV, but doesn't have the bugs and flaws which plagued the first batches. I liked the exterior design...
  12. PD0AC

    Yaesu FTM-400DR

    Christopher K6OZY picked one up and did a review, which is posted on my blog. He's not too happy. Hans
  13. PD0AC

    Crossbanding radios

    In your price range the Alinco DR-635 would do fine too. No ID feature though. Hans
  14. PD0AC

    M-8800 Radio

    Thanks Jeff. I didn' t spot a 'introduce yourself' topic, I hope I didn't miss it. Hans I depend largely on importers willing to lend me a radio. I'll look around for one. Hans
  15. PD0AC

    M-8800 Radio

    The PCB used in this radio is found in many brands, such as Anytone AT-5555, K-PO DX-5000, Superstar SS6900 N, Intek HR-5500, Alpha 10 Max AM-1000, Comtex CS-1000DX, MAAS DX-5000, and Hannover BR-9000. I own the Superstar version. They're nice radios, but you don't want to see spectrum...