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    DSP Speaker

    Sorry about that. $145 + ship
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    DSP Speaker

    Sorry about that. $145 + ship
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    DSP Speaker

    bhi Desktop Speaker. Hardly used. Thank you.
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    I have a PDL-II which is in great shape. Includes new radiator wires. Thank you.
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    solid s-9 RFI

    I have solid 6-9 across 10 and 11 meters. I disconnect coax and its quiet. I think its external. Day or night solid s-7 to s-9 high static hiss sound/carrier. I actually shot a email to a local Amateur Radio website I found, to see if they can help too. Any help will be appreciated...
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    11 meter Internet nodes/links

    Anyone know if there are any 11 meter internet nodes. Like Echolink or IRLP? Thanks.
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    10-80 inverted V dipole

    Moved to a new location and am a bit tight on where to put up an inverted v dipole. Wondering if I can mount it up on the edge of my property in the woods which is between the house and just in to the edge of the woods. Thank much Bill <can not stand it>
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    Listen Live Channel 38 LSB

    this is cool stuff. I'm the 169 Wisconsin you heard. Very cool. :thumbup:
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    Inverted V diple question.

    I have 10-80 inverted V dipole, and was wondering if the bottom of the ends have to be at an exact height off the ground as the tree I have at the one end wont let me do that.... and I want to attach it to a different tree for a different orientation, but cant go the exact height the antenna...
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    Yaesu FL-2000B

    I also have it wired and running off 220v if that makes a difference for longevity and performance. Thanks
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    Yaesu FL-2000B

    Can you drive the Yaesu FL-2000B with more then 100 watts on ssb? Or will that kill the amp? Thanks much.
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    Yaesu FL-2000B to Kenwood TS-530s

    I have never connected an older amp(Yaesu FL-2000B) to a radio. I can buy a din patch amp relay cord that plugs in to the Kenwood, but the other end that goes to the amp only has 4 seperate wire wrap around type screw connections. Can any one tell me who exactly I would hook it up? Thanks...
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    Prozac kid

    I hear that guy all the time! Heard him tonight again...what a loser.