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  1. k8cpa

    Rocketbox info thread !!! Made in the USA with a reasonable pricetag !

    If I were the builder, I'd be really careful disclosing where I am. Too many eyes. Just my 2 cents.
  2. k8cpa


    Yeah, right $39.95 to join and view a site that was free for years. That guy's on drugs, harsh ones at that. Last I checked, none of the newer stuff was on there.
  3. k8cpa

    Connex Saturn CX-33 SSB

    I just wonder why they discontinued it. It was a nice looking radio.
  4. k8cpa

    Any of you old timers remember the CB Voice Newspaper?

    I remember it from when I was a kid, I met a reporter from that paper, at a CB jamboree in Battle Creek, Mi. (I think that's where it was...:cautious:) I forget the Lady's name. She mentioned me and my two girl cousins in there. We thought we were so cool too. :LOL::love: I might have asked...
  5. k8cpa

    RIP: Eddie Van Halen

    My favorite song of his:
  6. k8cpa

    Frogie? What the heck is a frogie.... gotta change that..

    Frogie? What the heck is a frogie.... gotta change that..
  7. k8cpa

    Back in the biz...

    Ok sorry......:oops::cautious::(
  8. k8cpa

    Back in the biz...

    I dunno if this is the spot to announce this. But, I'm back. :sneaky: You must not have read the reply to your last posting by one of the site admins.......... If you would like to advertise your business, please contact the site owner.
  9. k8cpa

    Has Anyone Here Dealt With Stryker Customer Service?

    Now you all understand why that used to, back when I was into it hot and heavy there was no warrenty on the export stuff. Because of stuff like this. Remember those days? No warranty.
  10. k8cpa

    Texas star 500

    Too bad you ain't local. I'd help you with the set up.
  11. k8cpa

    president lincoln 2 v3

    Nice rig easy as heck to convert too. :sneaky:
  12. k8cpa

    Mirage MX 86 HP....

    does it come with the radio?
  13. k8cpa

    palomar 225 blue face?

    They were decent boxes for what they were. I always felt the blue faced ones were built better than the black faced ones. Gary up in Washington built the blue faces and Verne in Texas built the black faces. Pity those went away.
  14. k8cpa

    New Blackcat amps

    Looking at them. Same amps as these here, different label and slight design differences. http://www.xforceamps.com/category/Midnight-Special-27
  15. k8cpa

    where I post this?

    I am getting back into the biz. Anyhow, I'd like to advertise; but I don't wanna do it in the wrong spot. Where can I post a non-annoying little, "hey! I am here!" message in your forum?
  16. k8cpa

    Hello Ya'll....

    No people... I forgot about this forum. :p
  17. k8cpa

    My review of Cobra UltraLight Senior

    Yeah. it works very well. Best $125.00 I ever spent! (y)
  18. k8cpa

    My review of Cobra UltraLight Senior

    No, I haven't had the money to get one. This was cheaper, it was free. Friend of mine built it and gave it to me. (y):D
  19. k8cpa

    Hello Ya'll....

    Hi Gary... fancy meeting you here. :whistle::cautious::sneaky: