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  1. John David Trolinger

    8ft Grounding rod: copper or galvanized

    I have a lifetime of experience with this stuff at work and home. Follow the NEC250, follow what the commercial cable and radio people do with tower grounding so when that electrical storm comes everything that you care about is tied to the ground system and that will keep everything at the...
  2. John David Trolinger

    8ft Grounding rod: copper or galvanized

    This is what I do for my tower and masts. http://trolinger.com/david/ame25/tower.html
  3. John David Trolinger

    Indoor Antennas

    My first thought was to fish a plumbing vent pipe but you said no roof access. Mobile and/or remote from the workplace or another location.
  4. John David Trolinger

    Base Station Antenna Interaction

    For the original question about interference I would say try it and find out. I prefer monoband antennas, alone, on each tower or mast.
  5. John David Trolinger

    Base Station Antenna Interaction

    Don't know about your soil but I have always been able to dig in a few days. Just go a little at a time. Next; You want a "short load" concrete delivery company. This is a smaller truck that can go places those huge mixers cannot access. Don't use bags and a mixer IME(in my experience) way...
  6. John David Trolinger


    DMR is a black hole to me, no idea why we need that in ham radio but I think if you want to give it a try, go ahead. It is just money.
  7. John David Trolinger

    The problem with fixing radios...

    I retired and learned that the work NO actually works.
  8. John David Trolinger

    Would like to see some pictures of your pet's.

    We just put down this beautiful dog after about 10 years of running and good times followed by 2 years of 'retirement' at our puppy palace. He was present at every antenna build that I did the past 12 years right up to the satellite system this fall. After a couple year break; He is able to...
  9. John David Trolinger

    SWL Really Basic General Question

    There is all kinds of stuff to be heard. Check out Skip's book, now free to read. http://www.naswa.net/images/Radio_Monitoring_A_How_To_Guide.pdf
  10. John David Trolinger

    Gather ye radios while ye may

    The answer to a glut of radios is obvious. More antennas.
  11. John David Trolinger

    Solar panels

    I went through a lot of grief with solar charge controllers. Those solar panels make great RFI broadcast antennas. Long story short Renogy had an RFI-Free solar charge controller that solved my problems.
  12. John David Trolinger


    Thanks. Yeah the Google surveillance car was monitoring me closely that week. I was replacing the choke balun on the 40 meter antenna. While up on the tower I saw the google car driving the streets around me so I had a heads up. The next day I saw them driving towards me while I was on the...
  13. John David Trolinger


    I managed the trifecta today. Flying, radio, and running. What a world. Have a great day everyone.
  14. John David Trolinger

    Diesel Shortage East Coast

    Diesel? I still haven't stocked up on toilet paper.
  15. John David Trolinger

    Does anyone remember "Duck and Cover"?

    No we did earthquake drills in the 60s. Now the government scares us into paying for the MIC via social media so they don't need to have the kids involved in the day to day drama as much.
  16. John David Trolinger

    Cell Tower affecting guitar amplifier

    I would have the power company come out and survey for RFI in the area.
  17. John David Trolinger

    Cell Tower affecting guitar amplifier

    Did you try turning off all the power to your house to see if the interference goes away?
  18. John David Trolinger

    Urgent Antenna question…

    Yes leave the foam pads on the antenna.