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    Antenna Tuner

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    some of my equipment

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    Yeasu YS-500 SWR/power Meter

    wrong pic. opps,this is the back shot of ys-500 meter.
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    Yeasu YS-500 SWR/power Meter

    Yaesu YS-500 swr/power meter. good shape. covers 140 to 525 mhz. bought used but never hooked up. dont belive these are made anymore. 65$ priority mail. paypal only please.
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    Antenna Tuner

    Vintage Waters and Stanton antenna tunner.exellent condition. covers 0.5 to 30 mhz. has hook up for long line and coax. ive used this on a kenwood r-1000 reciever and it worked great. no idea if this is made for transmitting to. i only used it for listening.dont build um like this no more. 55$...
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    UNIT_399 BASE

    Looks Good.
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    My Base setup

    Nice set up there mongoose. that galaxy base radio is a good lookin rig. :thumbup1:
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    Cobra 135XLR Pics...

    Looks good.:thumbup1:
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    The Setting up of my First Station

    Very nice set up.
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    i threw a couple more pics in there for ya 151. its all old school stuff mainly. i do got a icom 706mk2g ill fire up on ssb once in awhile.
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    Is 12 other radios stacked around ok 151,lol. you just cant see them.
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    President Lincoln,Texas Star dx500v,Kenwood 430 speaker,Yaesu ys-60 meter,Alinci dm-330mv power supply and a pyramid ps-86kx power supply for amp. imax-2000 antenna. have other presidents and uniden radios that get rotated into the mix. excuse the photo quality,taken with my cell phone.
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    KDØNSC's Shack...

    Looks good ranger.
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    Holy $h!+kis!!! now heres a station setup

    Pretty impressive to say the least. :scared:
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    Thats nice.
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    Texas Star DX 500V

    Mine sucks almost 65 to 70 amps at 500 watts on ssb. thats driving it with a tuned uniden grant xl. am it draws 45 to 50 amps. its a amp hog no dought but i do get good reports with it. best cb amp i got for the money.
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    Is this ok????

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    Now i know why people love the Cobra 2000 GTL

    Good score. :thumbup: get you another speaker and it will really look sharp.
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    updated base pics

    What radio and amp.?? i was checkin out the ,the uuuuh,salad.
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    New pics uploaded.

    Nice set up. :thumbup: