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    Building the Elecraft KX3 Kit - Step by Step Photos

    Good show, Tim! Let's hear it on the MARS net today! z
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    Elecraft K3 - New DSP Load For Improved AGC

    Based on feedback from DXpedition users, Elecraft has significantly improved the K3's DSP AGC. The AGC threshold can now be set much higher, allowing more "headroom" for tightly-packed signals at similar amplitude. They've also eliminated the slightly "scalloped" (non-monotonic) AGC...
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    Elecraft KX3 Field Test: s/n 6 - a Field Tester's perspective

    Moleculo has already posted excellent photos of this KX3 Field Test unit (s/n 6). This unit is in Field Test here, which is its own type of milestone for all those waiting patiently. I'll be writing objective appraisals of this FT unit. That will be my intent, anyway (objectivity). This...
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    Elecraft KX3 - Hands On preview

    Good pics, Tim! Thanks for this opportunity to show off KX3 #6! matt W6NIA
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    Breaking news from Elecraft - New KX3 mobile/portable HF rig!

    It's been confirmed through Elecraft that a 2m transverter module which fits inside the KX3's enclosure will be offered. It will replace the ATU. My thinking is that the 2m option may not be available at the time of production release, but sometime afterwards. If the 2m transverter is...