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    horizontal vs sloped ground elements on a vertical ?

    now ...... round 2 ..... what happens when we take those ground elements , but , steeply slope them upwards , add a 1/4 wave length loop to the top of those elements symmetrically spacing them around the vertical , and extend our vertical radiator length almost 3/4 wavelength ?
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    horizontal vs sloped ground elements on a vertical ?

    basically any vertical with ground elements . all else being equal , assume using 4 quarter wave length ground elements below the feedpoint on the same vertical , height and location , the only difference being the ground elements being parallel to the ground or sloped down at 35-55 degrees ...
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    horizontal vs sloped ground elements on a vertical ?

    is there any empirical evidence (other than billy bob walking around the yard with a RF meter) that suggest either has any benefit over the other on 10-11 meters ?
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    Best power Mic for AT-6666?

    if you can find a used working 2018 xtreme they were awesome ! has a NC option for mobile (or base) and a great adjustable echo and double talk feature , as well as adjustable tall back . great full tonal quality also , but some like the peircing trebly sound that they believe cuts through...
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    Base Maco Big Dog Antennas

    IMO , one you go past 3 or 4 elements , if you want more gain going higher is a better investment than a longer boom/more elements .
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    Mobile Wilson 1000 barjan junk now?

    having options is cool . but , for the splitting hair club , different metals brings up electrolysis on antennas . nothing that can't be worked around but it can be a problem without precautions .
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    Mobile Wilson 1000 barjan junk now?

    solder points seem to become the weak point of antennas that use them . never had a short on a home brew antenna using compression , but nothing last forever .
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    $575 for a Imax 2000; Needs your reviews

    how far outside of 11 meters can you go on the vector and still have a safe vswr for your radio ?
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    any airgun fans here ?

    been looking at a wood marauder gen 2 .25 for my first PCP . very effective on hogs and those green mountain barrels are supposed to be pretty nice . they're also extremely MOD friendly with tons of after market parts . i love to tinker :)
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    That whole coax length thing...

    since this in in the CB section and rarely does any CB'er use exotic antenna designs that need particular feedline lengths ...... it really doesn't matter . you're only tuned perfectly to one frequency to start with . focus on having a antenna SYSTEM with usable bandwidth for the radio you have...
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    That whole coax length thing...

    splitting hairs can be risky business ......
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    Purifying Water

    if you want something portable the Survivor Filter PRO 0.01 Micron Water Purifier Pump looks real decent . it's on my to-get list .
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    any airgun fans here ?

    i have a RWS Diana 34 and a very highly modified crosman 13xx pumper . great plinkers/shooters and they have both put meat on tables for decades . cheap/quiet ammo also . any other fans here ?
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    Amps and low pass filters

    a coax choke or ferrite could help if CMC's are contributing to the problem .
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    the christian bible is full of evil also . read exodus chapter 21 (moses still talking after giving the 10 commandments) giving instructions on owning slaves and how to brutalize them .or how about commanding the butchering of children and even cutting then from their mothers womb just to...
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    Base Should I stick it?

    interesting that they added 5 ft of length to the cone elements but kept the loop the same diameter and not much to the over all length . is vortex a new maker of the old sigma 4 style ?
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    Base Should I stick it?

    wouldn't be at all good for that location . you could make one that's much more durable . i'm suprised the big brained "CB" antenna manufacturers aren't making them , if folks are willing to pay several hundred dollars for a 5/8 it seems that they would pay just as much for a vertical that's...
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    Base Should I stick it?

    one of the best perks about the 4K is it's small horizontal foot print because the ground elements are raised up to create a co-linear effect . some folks have considered it a half wave saying it only radiates above the basket but the link Bob85 supplied would provide evidence that that's not...
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    106 inch (4 inch spring) fiberglass tapper with braided silver in the center

    that fiberglass 102 whip has a little wire running up the middle of it buried in the FG . the fiberglass has no continuity , it just keeps the wire erect and protects it some what . similar but different to how the A99 and 2000 it's just a wire inside but the 99/2000 have a tuning network at the...
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    Reputable CB Shops/Techs

    haven't noticed anyone mention DTB , did he go out of business ?