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    President Grant 2........?

    President Jackson-II handsfree microfoon - Truckerswereld I do not think it is an very interesting function. I played with most president radios but never tryed it or bought the vox-microphone to test it.
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    President Grant 2........?

    The vox jack is to connect a little microphone tho use it hands free. President sells this little microphone to use with the vox function. Most of the current president models have this function.
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    New president lincoln 2

    Still not available but coming soon.
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    Italian Amp

    They are "just" 3800 euros = 5135 dollar
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    Has Kenwood lost its mind

    Would Kenwood ship an radio with an Anytone manual????:biggrin:
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    The New AT-6666?

    New Picture of the Anytone AT-6666
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    maxlog M-8800

    Coming to europe next year as KPO M-8800 www.cbradio.nl: Pictures and Specifications K-po M8800 Export Radio Available in Brazil as Voyage BR-9200 www.cbradio.nl: Pictures and Specifications Voyage BR-9200 All-Mode Export Radio
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    President Amp...who made them?

    I have not seen one before. But with the heatsink on the bottom if think it is from an american amp builder for the US market using the president name.
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    at5555 v5 board v6 software?

    Yes cbradio.nl is my website. The software can be found on the page I posted an link to. http://cbradio.nl/anytone/Software_Anytone_AT5555_(V1-V6).rar You can find info on the service menu here: Error Funny the link says error but it does work.
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    at5555 v5 board v6 software?

    You can download the V6 software from my website. (Uploading it right now) www.cbradio.nl: Pictures, Manual and Specifications Anytone AT-5555 Export Radio There is an extra service menu to tune the radio when it is off.
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    Mirage 86

    Hello Jeff, I have not tried one yet. They are not available in Europe. gr, Thijs
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    Mirage 86

    Picture: More info: www.cbradio.nl: Pictures and Specifications Mirage MX-86HP Mobile AM/FM/USB/LSB Export Radio Mirage MX-86HP Also new: Mirage Stealth Pro Picture More info: www.cbradio.nl: Pictures and Specifications Mirage Stealth Pro AM/FM Export Radio
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    SS4900 microphone

    Maybe this helps http://www.cbtricks.com/radios/superstar/4900b/graphics/4900b_mic_wiring.pdf
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    27mhz FM handheld

    Like the IMD262 said the UK has two CB-Bands the "normal" US/CEPT channels and the own 40 channels (27.60125 - 27.99125 MHz). Am is not legal in the UK. In most European country's we can legally use AM/FM and SSB on the "normal" channels There are just a few handheld models available...
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    Alpha 10 Mini Overview

    In europe you can buy the Albrecht AE6890 www.cbradio.nl: Albrecht AE6690 TTI has announced there fist model for the European marked with remote display TTI TCB-R2000 www.cbradio.nl: TTI TCB R2000 CB-RADIO Procom who makes the albrecht has 3 models with remote displays (2 models not...
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    Euro CB brand dealer

    I think you have to look at the german and french ebay sites. Euro-cb went out of business in the 90's
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    voyager 33 cw

    I now of an Voyager 33GW www.cbradio.nl: Voyager 33GW An radio sold in Brazil.
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    inexpensive/cheap cb amps . palomar/cobra vs. rm/kl

    Here is an link off the schematic. http://cbradio.nl/rm/RM_KL503/Schema_RM_KL503.pdf.pdf I like my RM KL503 i see 250W out of it on FM i still have not used it on SSB
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    Is this the new Stryker SSB?

    I have an pre production model here. And i Like it:thumbup: The night design gives an little noise but all the things you can customize on these radios by the menu and software makes it great. Works great on FM. I have not tried it much on SSB.