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  1. The War Wagon

    Weak solar cycles = another big decline of the 11 meter local & DX population

    It is pretty frustrating, to have a nice CB rig in your truck, and drive from Pittsburgh to Buffalo and back, and never hear a SINGLE voice on ch.19... save for the repeater signal from the truck plaza south of Erie on I-79 - for everyone to, "come in and get some more of that CB gear you're NOT...
  2. The War Wagon

    Listening to the scanner in the midst of a title celebration

    Got the victory parade this morning - 350,000 people expected to cram into downtown, which should almost double a normal downtown workday crowd - so that should make for some interesting scanner traffic. After Orlando this past weekend, they're talking about beefing up security at such soft...
  3. The War Wagon

    Listening to the scanner in the midst of a title celebration

    Unfortunately, Pittsburgh is entirely TOO cracka to have any DECENT riots - EVEN for a Stanley Cup. :p THURSDAY night might've been different, had we won at home - there were 20,000 people in the Consol, and 50k MORE outside it, but when you win on the road, you just get a buncha drunks...
  4. The War Wagon

    It was the dark of the moon, on the 6th of June...

    An ALL time classic!
  5. The War Wagon

    MST3k & ham radio!

    Been busy four-wheeling the Ramcharger I spent 9 years resto-modding, which is why I haven't been here as much of late (the Galaxy 949/Fatboy combo works GREAT though!), but I saw this Saturday night, and it was TOO funny. Another BAD 1960's sci-fi movie (The Creeping Terror, 1964)got gored by...
  6. The War Wagon

    Daylight savings time issues discussed.

    And it has NO bearing on Autistic children WHATSOEVER! :rolleyes: Mine are still up at the butt crack of dawn, as that's just their internal orientation. I haven't "gained" an hour of sleep since my oldest was born, 15 years ago. They DID sleep in - for the first time ever - this spring...
  7. The War Wagon

    CB Repair Shops

    There was a guy off I-77 north of Statesville that did a good job on a CB for me about 30 years ago, when I was still down in China Grove... but heck if I can remember his name (buddy of mine knew him, and took the radio up there and back for me). I only throw that out there, in case the...
  8. The War Wagon

    Snow EMERGENCY in PA... & the CB is -

    Had I gone out to my mobile, sitting on top of a ridge south of the city, at 1,200' above seal level - with my Galaxy 949, "juicer," and 102" steel whip, I MIGHT have heard 'em. As it was, I was comfy with my Redd's apple ale, & watching my wife shovel snow. I got 'er trained GOOD! :D
  9. The War Wagon

    Looking at CB

    980 mobile in my DD, with a little RM-Italy for some "ooomph." Listen for me at 4:30 EST this coming morning - I'm running a friend to the hospital for surgery, so I'll be on for about a half-hour during the trip. :cool:
  10. The War Wagon

    Snow EMERGENCY in PA... & the CB is -

    Doo, doo, doo - lookin' out my, back door! Just listening on the scanner. Was kinda HOPIN' some 4x4's might be out sno-wheelin', at the least. I'm TEMPTED to go out and fire up my old RC (I don't drive it in snow & salt ANYMORE - it was too hard saving it the FIRST time around. Got a Jeep XK...
  11. The War Wagon

    Snow EMERGENCY in PA... & the CB is -

    - SILENT. :unsure: I can remember 25-30 years ago down in the Charlotte area, when a 3" snowfall would set my radio on fire with traffic. Only 7" here in the South Hills of Pittsburgh this morning... ... but I've been scanning ONLY the CB frequencies on my BC355C scanner for 2 hours...
  12. The War Wagon

    breaker breaker

    Boooo... :rolleyes:
  13. The War Wagon

    Rule #1 for terrorizing people on the CB- don't tell them where you are!

    Arrested for CBWI - "CB'ing While Intoxicated," I'm betting. :rolleyes:
  14. The War Wagon

    New jeep truck

    I'm looking forward to winning a Powerball (ANY Powerball), and having both a Hellcat-powered Ramcharger AND Jeep COMMANDER! :cool:
  15. The War Wagon

    Reach out & touch someone... if DHS will LET you!

    FOOD for thought, for the "cellular addicted." Homeland Security Conceals “Secret Plan to Cut Cell Service” During Emergencies Keep those Hams & CB's warm, just in case the alphabet agencies suddenly decide you DON'T need cell service... (n)
  16. The War Wagon

    CB Radio Mobile Setups

    I finally got me a Youtube channel set up - maybe I'll video my setup as well. Never had a base setup myself - I've always gone mobile, too.
  17. The War Wagon

    I got rid of cable tv...free at last!!!

    I still like my FIOS Quantum, because with our kids & their autism, we NEVER get out anymore. If we want to see a NOMINALLY new movie, this is the only way we can do it. Since I bundle the TV with internet & landline (I DETEST cellphones - y'all can KEEP 'em!), it works for me - but I...
  18. The War Wagon

    Giant bridge go BOOM - shortly!

    They're blowing up a pretty big bridge in Pittsburgh today - kill some time & watch it live, here! http://www.wpxi.com/videos/news/live-channel-11-news/vwtNM/ :p
  19. The War Wagon

    Breaker, Breaker! (1977)

    JUST starting on Retroplex, for those with cable or dish and movie channels! :LOL:
  20. The War Wagon

    Now I've seen everything!

    He waits until a couple of pigeons alight, then he keys the mic, and VOILA - Kentucky Fried DINNER! :ROFLMAO: