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    Using a high gain transistor to drive affordable low gain bipolars?

    The complications of a switchable driver stage aside, I'd advise that you go with 8 finals vs. 6. Your input and output combining and matching will be easier to calculate/tune/implement. If you have all the parts you talk about, don't hobble yourself needlessly. Spend your time figuring out...
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    FS: Ameritron AL-82 w/GOP/Boxes Pristine

    Brought back good memories though. I'll always remember the day my dear Mama picked from school in the 9th grade and drove me out to R&L electronics. I bought an AL-811H and an original RCI-2970 and Roger told me he'd tell me how to open it for "10m" if it'd motivate me to upgrade from a Tech...
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    FS: Ameritron AL-82 w/GOP/Boxes Pristine

    Ahh Man! You totally got me. Hook line and sinker. And I'm the king of smart ass at that hehe. I had my critical thinking skills dunce cap on is what I did here
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    FS: Ameritron AL-82 w/GOP/Boxes Pristine

    Cut the green wire on the "Aux" input tuning slug !
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    Texas star/outcom Dx-600 repill

    I have a Varmint SSL-250 that was a 1x4 originally. I converted it to a straight 4 pill and I can confirm that they are mrf454s or the final outputs are. The driver tested like a mrf450.. I've had 2. One with house part numbers and my current one with Motorola labeled mrf454s The parts you...
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    Blue"palomar"skipper 2 transistor amplifier Low output

    This amp runs 2879s. Toshibas at that! The transistors are most likely fine. The base 10 ohms are good and if by chance one final shorted in the rare method, leaving the 10 ohm smoke resistor as they're known ok, then it would have put 13Vdc on the bases and that would destroy the 2nd final...
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    WTB: Eagle Tomahawk

    Hey WDX crew. I'd like to buy a Eagle Tomahawk for nostalgic reasons. Had one in 8th grade back in the 90s Working and pretty are a plus. I know they're nothing special in the real world use of radio. But I want to have one to look at on the shelf. Will pay fair price. Thanks Adam
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    Galaxy 6 issues

    I'm going to walk out on a limb here and surmise that based off the people skills I've seen there's no hope for this amplifier
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    TX Star 250 dx SWR ? (Something lost it's value ?)

    So what is this toggle switch with purple wires that is attached to the medium? Power switch supposed to do? RF travels through those switches on the input side of the amp. Those wires are not conducive RF and will for sure throw the input tune of the amp off and if the input is thrown out of...
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    FS: President HR 2510. Expanded TX/RX 'Chips witch' otherwise original

    I've never used the 2600 before. I imagine it's even better. These radios, or this one anyhow is shockingly well suited for mobile use. Sensitive yet very low noise floor and really stable. Where or how do the 2600 rigs beat these as for practical every day use. Is a 2600 worth putting on...
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    WTB: Magnum S9 with the 1969 finals

    Yes sir, still have it. Have moved to SW Florida in the last month and it came with me. It does have the 3 ERF2030 driver/finals in it as well. I have remounted and replaced the heatsink compound on the transistors and the rear mounted heatsink. Performs very well. I think 375$ shipped via...
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    FS: President HR 2510. Expanded TX/RX 'Chips witch' otherwise original

    I used this mobile for 10m operation in my Carolla for a few years. It works great. Other than being expanded for frequency/TX, it is original and unmolested. I never got around to changing the display bulb to LED like its recommended but it maybe saw an hour of use per week being the 3rd...
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    FS: Texas Star Mod V+ Original Toshiba 2290

    Mod V+ with original NON Red Dot Toshiba 2sc2290. Berilium might cause cancer but it sure conducts heat to the heatsink better. I have removed the entire board, polished the heatsink and regressed and remounted the 2290. Amp has never been blown up and has original variable control. I did...
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    WTB: Magnum S9 with the 1969 finals

    I think she looks pretty good actually now I'm seeing the pictures
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    WTB: Magnum S9 with the 1969 finals

    I guess maybe 2 segments are touchy in the frequency display. One is in and out with warm up, the 2nd to last one is constant. Your channel 19 cb frequency reads out like 27.195 instead of .185. The "channel" readout is solid. Everything else about the rig is right down the line as far as...
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    Heathkit SB-220 Linear Amplifier,

    "If they ever give em the Vote. God help us!"
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    Ranger AR 3500 100 watt version For Sale

    Yeahh bummer. I couldn't pass this up for 250.00 but a 10 yr old thread. My lord
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    WTB: Magnum S9 with the 1969 finals

    Ahh well that's ok. I have a mountain of gear sitting around for memories and wants sake and I don't really care to sell any of it. Although I should.
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    WTB: Magnum S9 with the 1969 finals

    I have an S9 that is lighted Blue. And I was going to list it for sale. One little segment in the channel readout is a bit flaky. Comes and goes when you first turn the rig on. I however don't know if it's FET or bipolar 1969 based. Got it from a Pal and never opened it because it was on...