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    Yaesu FTM-350 APRS Review

    FTM 350 Versus FTM400DR It shouldn't there are options that the FTM-350 R/E & AR have that the FTM-400DR Will not Get... Its meant to be More of a Digital Use Radio. --------------------------------------------------------------------- It Looses the 1.25m(220 MHZ), Really Wide General Receive...
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    New Yaesu FTM-400DR Digital VHF/UHF Mobile Approved by FCC

    This will be one to watch, are you going to get one and try it out like you did on the FTM-350R ? & Wonder if there going to make all the addon items the same as the 350R/E & AR ? Thanks for you're help on the FTM-350R, I just bought a 2nd one.... and set it up for aprs for my brother...
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    Yaesu FTM-350 APRS Review

    Hello All.. I have been reading this since the 350R talked about and then when ( i can't remember how to spell his name right now..) so i Will just call him Mr. M. got his from HRO and stuff.. Very informative, I am down in Denver, Co. for work, so i Called HRO - Denver and since they had a...