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  1. 2RT307

    SBE Sidebander VI PLL problem

    I always thought SBE rigs were really cool. Hope you get this one going. Isn't this the big base station with wood case, tons of switches, and knobs, and LED's over every switch? Seems like I remember drooling over it in one of my S9 magazines back in the day. Pictures? 73, Brett
  2. 2RT307

    Icom 720 very low mic gain on ssb

    Some Icom rigs use an electret mic circuit, and the impedence gets a bit wonky with certain mics. I would check that.
  3. 2RT307

    Home New truck new install

    I was NOT happy when I rented one one time. Couldn't mount my mag mount for a road trip. 73, Brett
  4. 2RT307

    fix kenwood

    Very common with that rig. Worth fixing though.
  5. 2RT307

    fix kenwood

    There was a guy south of Dallas that was authorized. Apex?
  6. 2RT307

    ICOM M700 PRO Radio?

    Icom lists the HM44 with that rig as an accessory on the website products. I'll be darned if I can find anything on that mic's wiring, though. https://www.qsl.net/icom/download/mic_ref.pdf 73, Brett
  7. 2RT307

    Need a texas star yellow ssb button lens cover

    In this age of 3d printing, you'd think somebody would make a big batch of these. I need a couple of buttons for my old President Lincoln. Good luck, Brett
  8. 2RT307

    Needlebender's Super Stacked V Quad

    If I remember right, he had a real motor with chain drive at the base. 73, Brett
  9. 2RT307

    Needlebender's Super Stacked V Quad

    Was it Triple 9?
  10. 2RT307

    Needlebender's Super Stacked V Quad

    Hi Gang, Discovered some old pics today on a drive that I haven't used in forever. I cannot remember which Needlebender owned this setup, but I believe he was in Canada, and passed away not too long after completing this project. I had a friend that used to run a stack set of V quads, and...
  11. 2RT307

    M104C Project

    you'll have fun with that antenna. I used to run one, only 25 feet up, and had great success with it. 73, Brett
  12. 2RT307

    ICOM M700 PRO Radio?

    So, a sea-worthy rig. Pretty interesting, Six Shooter... I have never seen one of these. I'll be watching for updates. 73, Brett
  13. 2RT307

    I need a little help, please,......

    Oh man, that's good you got her. Homer's a good Christian man, and I'm sure he would've helped you out. It's crazy how easy it is for people to become homeless... hopefully you can help your daughter get back on her feet. 73, Brett
  14. 2RT307

    Home A 160 Meter Vertical Buddipole Antenna Experiment

    Yeah, I hadn't thought about that matching network... I have plenty of end fed stuff, just thought the advantage of the antenna design itself lended itself to pretty easy assembly in the field. Not heavy, break it down and toss it in my truck bed. I guess it'll be relegated to 10-11-12 meter...
  15. 2RT307

    I need a little help, please,......

    HomerBB is up in the Fayetteville/Rogers area, or at least he used to be. Haven't seen him posting. Hope all is ok! Brett
  16. 2RT307

    Home A 160 Meter Vertical Buddipole Antenna Experiment

    Very interesting! I had recently posted about doing something similar, only with an Imax 2000 and using a coil. I didn't get much feedback. 73, Brett
  17. 2RT307

    Couple of Oldies

    Both great rigs! Congratulations!
  18. 2RT307

    Home Ham Shack Rebuild

    What an awesome setup!!! Looks great... hope to work you sometime. 73, Brett
  19. 2RT307

    yaesu ft-891 and ATAS 120A

    Hi guys! Getting back into mobile with the FT891 and ATAS120A in my F150. I can't find anything on the KiralinkFT program. Did it die? 73, Brett
  20. 2RT307

    Imax 2000 and added coil?

    Hey bud! Probably so. I always appreciate your honest answers, and know you have plenty of experience. 73, Brett