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  1. Grundig Satellit 2100 Radio German Made

    Grundig Satellit 2100 Radio German Made

    I love old radios. My Grundig Satellit 2100. Got a great deal and all bands work. German built quality! Made in the 70's.
  2. Grunddiigg

    Shortwave Receiver With Bluetooth

    Earbuds that will pair with Bluetooth should work fine. I can't stand earbuds but not because I don't like them I get ear infections absurdly easy so I have to use over the ear headphones.
  3. Grunddiigg

    Shortwave Receiver With Bluetooth

    I was just going to say that. Plug in the transmitter to the headphone or line out jack on the radio and then pair with earbuds and good to go.
  4. Grunddiigg

    30-30 Ammo

    Reloading has become a must with ammo prices. I have gotten enough supplies quite a while back to be good for a while and I'm glad I did with the prices. I also have a brass annealing setup to keep my brass firing for a long time. Prices are ridiculous.
  5. Grunddiigg

    Shortwave Receiver With Bluetooth

    Here are the radios off the top of my head that support bluetooth: Tecsun H-501x, Tecsun PL-398BT, and Eton Elite Field. I own the Tecsun H-501x and the Bluetooth is great I will stream shows online from my phone to it's speakers. I'm not sure this is designed for headphones though. It seems...
  6. Grundig Satellit 800 Millennium

    Grundig Satellit 800 Millennium

    Sold my Satellit 750 and grabbed this. So far it's been a great radio!
  7. Panasonic RF-2200

    Panasonic RF-2200

    Got a good deal sending it in for new caps and cleanup. Very excited!
  8. Grunddiigg

    Shipping costs are out of hand!

    I've been trying to either shop local or drive (a reasonable distance) to avoid the shipping charge bloat. The 1% are enjoying their record profits. Example UPS reported 13.9 billion in Profit for 2022. Something is very wrong. Edit: I feel bad for the employees and the independent trucking...
  9. Grunddiigg

    Grundig 700 or Tecsun 501?

    I haven't used the 700 but the Tecsun H-501x is great choice it's very sensitive and has great speakers. It can run the battery down quicker than expected with volume raises but it's great. I would also suggest you look in to the Tecsun S-8800 I own that one too and it is great as well and very...
  10. Grunddiigg

    SWL Really Basic General Question

    With a good antenna there is still a bit to listen to on shortwave. I usually take my portable outside in my backyard away from the house RFI and get pretty good reception when conditions allow. I'm planning on setting a loop up in the yard or running a wire at some point into the house. Here's...
  11. Grunddiigg

    C Crane Skywave SSB or Non SSB Versions Your Thoughts

    Thanks for all of the replies. I agree regarding the ssb. Anybody have any experience with these c cranes that can pipe up?
  12. Grunddiigg

    For Sale: Got a Tecsun PL-880 I'm looking to sell

    Item is no longer available.
  13. Grunddiigg

    For Sale: Got a Tecsun PL-880 I'm looking to sell

    Hey All, I've got a Tecsun PL-880 radio that I'm looking to sell. I've had it for around 4 years. It has the latest software version on it. I just got a new battery for it a couple of months ago too. Will not come with the charging cable but those are easy to come by. Radio is in great shape...
  14. Grunddiigg

    C Crane Skywave SSB or Non SSB Versions Your Thoughts

    I wanted to check in the forum and see who has used the C Crane Skywave and their thoughts on it? It looks like a fully capable Short Wave radio with the added benefit of having the NOAA Weather Bands as well. Hard to find a good Shortwave radio that covers all the bands and as well as the...
  15. Grunddiigg

    Some stations I've tuned in Recently

    Using my Tecsun PL-880 in bed for a few minutes with my headphones on so I don't disturb the wife. Tonight October 21st listened to 5,085hz wtww out of Tennessee had some good music playing. Also caught a couple of hams talking on lsb about the solar weather and their ham radio models. One guy...
  16. Grunddiigg

    Ultralight DX

    So which radio faired better? I've heard that the PL-380 is a good radio but haven't read anything on Radiwow R-108. The ultra lights are definitely interesting considering how good performance is with portables these days.
  17. Grunddiigg

    Some stations I've tuned in Recently

    Sometimes the keyboard doesn't translate that very well lol. :ROFLMAO:
  18. Grunddiigg

    Some stations I've tuned in Recently

    It does have SSB I just haven't dialed in any LSB/USB ham conversations yet on it. I've only had it about a week this is it's third time out. I'll give it a whirl and report back (maybe tonight).
  19. Grunddiigg

    A night with the portable receivers

    How is the Tecsun R-9700DX? It looks like a fun analog radio.
  20. Grunddiigg

    Some stations I've tuned in Recently

    10/19/2022 Radio used: Tecsun S-8800 (I freaking love this radio by the way pulled in 27 stations this morning using just ATS I've put the few that were interesting to me below) Listened between 1448 and 1530 UTC this morning here in Colorado. Stations: Station khz Station Name Language...