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    Stryker SR-955HPC new in box with programming cable

    I am in California. If you have someone you truest you could have them meet me, otherwise I will just craigslist it, and sell it locally or on advertise on the air. No big deal. Not desperate to sell.
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    Texas Star Dx-1200

    I checked it and replied. Your cell number got cut off on the one message, but on your other message I got it. Also you might be near me, maybe we could just meet up and do it that way. it would be easier and no shipping.
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    Texas Star Dx-1200

    I am new and didn't know how to check my PM. I will figure it out now.
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    Stryker SR-955HPC new in box with programming cable

    OK what is another way? PM me, maybe if you're close we can meet up.
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    Stryker Radio, info ? are they built by Galaxy ?

    I agree, I have three of them, and I love them all. I am selling one, but only because I kind of have to right now and I can't talk on three radios at once. BUT I am still keeping my main 955, and my back up 955.
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    Texas Star Dx-1200

    SOLD. Send me a PM and we can work it out.
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    Stryker SR-955HPC new in box with programming cable

    250.00 last offer or i keep it.
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    Texas Star Dx-1200

    350.00 - last offer or I keep it
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    WTB Galaxy 959/979

    I have a new one, look at my ad that I added here earlier.
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    Ameritron AL-1200 vs AL-1500

    The tube in the AL1200 has a higher grid dissipation and therefore is more forgiving if you accidentally use the wrong band, overdrive it, or aren't tuned up correctly / have the band switch in the wrong position.
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    Stryker SR-955HPC new in box with programming cable

    The radio hasn't been "tuned" it has only been programmed or modded in other words to work on all frequencies.
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    Another chapter in Ebay insanity

    I still think that's unfair. I mean as hams / radio people / hobbyists / whatever isn't the idea to pass along good deals and try to help each other out? That is just nuts!
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    Stryker SR-955HPC new in box with programming cable

    Sorry! More photos! I was figuring out how to add more than one when I posted this.
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    Texas Star Dx-1200

    Selling my Texas Star DX-1200. It is used, unlike the stryker raido and the galaxy radio I am selling (those are new). So guys, this one is used, but works just fine, puts out full power, and isn't beat up, has never been modified or had the transistors blown out or anything like that. $450.00...
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    Galaxy 959 brand new in box

    Galaxy 959 brand new in the box. Exactly as the ad states. 130.00 shipped. USPS money order only. I ship when I get paid.
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    Stryker SR-955HPC new in box with programming cable

    Just as the title says, Stryker SR-955HPC brand new in the box, powered on to test it, then it has sat for 6 months until today when I tested it again. Comes with the programming cable, and everything it did as if you purchased it new. Price is $280.00 shipped USPS money order only and I ship...
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    110v to 220v do you get a wattage increase on amplifier

    Less voltage drop, if it's a tube amplifier, then the plate voltage will drop less and prevent a drop in output due to voltage drop. Not only is there less voltage drop at 240VAC, but most people also use their own branch circuit for it as well which helps. Lots of good reasons.