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  1. BenMara

    What are your thoughts on the VHQ Hexbeam

    "Lifetime guarantee covers all machined parts from breakage and or factory defects. Spreader arms are covered for 5 years as long as they are painted and installed correctly and or break from loss of integrity of center mast or any machined part. All antenna elements, Fasteners and cords are...
  2. BenMara

    What are your thoughts on the VHQ Hexbeam

    Its not just Backed With A Lifetime Guarantee unlike others I've rebuild many times over the years.
  3. BenMara

    What are your thoughts on the VHQ Hexbeam

    $$$ IMHO
  4. BenMara

    My old truck

    Did you just peel the chrome finish off? I would love to remove the chrome on my grill also.
  5. BenMara

    450 ohm feed line.

  6. BenMara

    450 ohm feed line.

    I want to make a better 450 ohm feed line. The commercially available 450 ohm from DXE and the likes doesn't last long. from constant abrasion with oak and pine trees. Or getting work harden by the constant swaying by the wind. I came along this formula in a vid. But im very bad at math and...
  7. BenMara

    SWR Meter Poll

    1. Yes 2. Always 3. MeterBuilder MB-1
  8. BenMara

    My Elecraft K3 is a brick

    Well im awaiting my next HF rig. Yaesu FTDX 101MP. Found one hella of a deal on one. When i receive it, I will send off my K3 to Alan Wilcox to have it reviewed and evaluated. If repairable K3 will become my portable/backup. I may put my KX3 for sale soon after.
  9. BenMara

    Vintage/classic stereo gear ?

    :( thinking it was going to be a mobile car audio thread... haha
  10. BenMara

    Battery Tester

    is the Schumacher BT-100 any good.... its on amazon with good reviews.
  11. BenMara

    Breedlove Mounts - SMH

    Im pleased with all the Breedlove products I've purchased over the years. Even others I've pointed his way are happy. Just buy and modify for your personal uses.
  12. BenMara

    Home Homebrew 1/4 Wave 10 Meter Ground Plane

    I just laid to rest my hound of 15yrs, his sister passed away last year. I didn't miss either of them till they both are gone.
  13. BenMara

    80m Dipole problems

    So an update on this mess. After returning from Kuwait in 2019, i continued to use the 450ohm 80m doublet. Decided to go 600ohm instead of 450 ohm. Oh, that problem of no 20m again. Started playing with the routing of 600 ohm, and finally got it to tune 20m. Had to get 600 ohm at least 1'...
  14. BenMara

    My Elecraft K3 is a brick

    Thank You @Moleculo for chiming in with your opinion. I totally agree with what you said. But there are no rigs of equal specs for the amount K3s were sold at.
  15. BenMara

    My Elecraft K3 is a brick

    I've been listening/watching and looking over Ron Sherwood (NC0B) info and tests. That Receiver Test Data..
  16. BenMara

    My Elecraft K3 is a brick

    So ive started looking at replacements for my K3. $5.5k is the max id like to spend. Following are the Rigs I've been looking at. Flex Radio 6600M $5.5k. Mfg Sugg Price Elecraft K4D $5.5k Yaesu FTDX-101D/MP $3.3k/$4.5k Icom IC-7610 $3.3k Used...
  17. BenMara

    My Elecraft K3 is a brick

    So K3 randomly been giving ERR DSE, tried loading latest firmware. Then it would lose connection just as it finished pushing FW. Loading Firmware Failure. Somewhere in the mix, Err DP3 was shown. So I did the keystrokes to force MCU LD, still FW loading failure. Then I found out Elecraft...
  18. BenMara

    Home Elecraft K4D First Impressions

    Cant wait to hear more, now that my K3 dead. Been looking at K4 and flex 6600m and 6700 for a long time.
  19. BenMara

    Traveling Internationally with Amateur Radio

    I returned back in Dec 2019. Limited amt for carry on batteries. I needed to focus on work.
  20. BenMara

    icom v 8000,need a few parts

    I love my IC-v8000