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  1. Alabama Buckeye

    My old truck

    Gonna have to agree with the tires and rims suspects. Numb nut son swapped tire around on the Sebring, for the wife. It's her DA son and presumable an auto mechanic. Well she experienced something of "Death Wobble" and was nearly in tears when she brought it to my attention. Lugs were all...
  2. Alabama Buckeye

    My old truck

    Had myself a cherry extended cab F250 short bed. Tires weren't a month new. Beefed it up with air bag suspension and a special goose neck to 5th conversion unit, with all the fixins to make the short bed work for camper trailering Could detach the 5th wheel device in a matter of 5 minutes or...
  3. Alabama Buckeye

    Parallel and Series Circuits - Safe ??

    In need of electrical wiring help. Provided the .png file uploads. Posting images have been a real PITA with this POS Windoze 11. A picture is worth at least a 100 words.
  4. Alabama Buckeye

    1/2 wave Inverted V Dipole Antenna

    I've two very similarly constructed "I-Vee heads", home grown, with variations on how legs are attached. Can't say why but without a current balun the SWR is greater than desireable. The ohms variations is "suppose" to be negligible. I use 12AWG bare copper leg wire. The copper might have an...
  5. Alabama Buckeye

    Solar panels

    I could tout super inverter performance, but that's just MHO. I've a pair of them, as a matter of fact; and, they aren't Outback. Definitely do your home work on brands. Renogy makes a few assessories I've used with success including charge controller; I only mention because the name already...
  6. Alabama Buckeye

    Oxy-Hydrogen Gas / Brown Gas / HHO / Gas Lighting

    :unsure: TPS you say? The Holley Sniper internal ECM reads TPS but accessing that to input to a PWM :unsure: This will certainly take some study. Stan Meyer's death, suspicious. "While in a business meeting with his brother and two potential foreign investors, Stanley began to violently...
  7. Alabama Buckeye

    Oxy-Hydrogen Gas / Brown Gas / HHO / Gas Lighting

    E=MC²...F♭ , that's funny, I don't care who you are. Can't argue and I'm aware. And in a pulling contest or mountain grade that would be of concern. How's < 2500rpm cruise on a easy Sunday drive going to be affected, not much I imagine; excluding occasional rabbit lauches from the traffic...
  8. Alabama Buckeye

    RCI 2970N4 Amp Switch ?

    Pop ustah say, "that's a damn pregnant idea"!
  9. Alabama Buckeye

    Oxy-Hydrogen Gas / Brown Gas / HHO / Gas Lighting

    I don't know what I was thinking when previously I said, "I made mention elsewhere of installing HHO into my '70 CST, also with a 350CID V8, but enlarged the generator to 12 cells..." A cell is a single division of a stack and a single stack is 6 cells per generator. Each of my generators is 4...
  10. Alabama Buckeye

    RCI 2970N4 Amp Switch ?

    This is certainly a handy option. Mine's a bit flaky with the Amp off switch. Thanks ya'll for what look to be simplicity in wiring; I'll find it handy as well. I've never seen 400W PEP on it; 350W is about as good as mine gets. I'm not a rachet jaw so cooling fan really isn't much value...
  11. Alabama Buckeye

    6 wire D-104 Silver Eagle wiring for Ranger RCI 99N4

    Unless your count is different than mine, yes and no. I presumed your Ranger was a 6 pin mic; you didn't answer the pertinent question. The 4 connection indicated above omit the Hurst speed shift lever pins 5 and 6 in favor of the Muncie positive throw.
  12. Alabama Buckeye

    Thoughts on Stryker Radios

    It's already been said and said again. AM/FM/SSB >> SR955 or go cheap and be sorry later. Proud owner of SR955 and kicking myself for going cheap early; I've shelved the SR655. Boxed up and ready to ship :eek: It was into the shop for a new front face, bezel and displays. The left side...
  13. Alabama Buckeye

    6 wire D-104 Silver Eagle wiring for Ranger RCI 99N4

    >1-Shield and Blue >2-White >3-Red >4-Black >5-N/C >6-N/C >Yellow-N/C Snatched off of Copper Electronics http://www.copperelectronics.com/discus4/messages/34/95390.html?1163827513 I'm assuming your 99N4 has the Up/Down channel selector. As does both my RCI radios. You can forget that...
  14. Alabama Buckeye

    Oxy-Hydrogen Gas / Brown Gas / HHO / Gas Lighting

    Screwing up an engine by any intake of water vapor laden KOH is a real concern. Absent an anti-foaming agent I employed a three level drying schema. The upper 1/2L of each 1.5L plastic reservoirs, where all the foaming action was seen, was the first level. 2nd level is a 2" dia. x 8" PVC tube...
  15. Alabama Buckeye

    Oxy-Hydrogen Gas / Brown Gas / HHO / Gas Lighting

    You're right about goobermint meddling Greg, I don't think you need to go that far back. My '94 Silverado, 350CID V8, didn't get a major boost with it's single 24 cell Stack drawing a cool 5A current; at which current the dirt cheap PWM could only produce was a meager mileage improvement. The...
  16. Alabama Buckeye

    Oxy-Hydrogen Gas / Brown Gas / HHO / Gas Lighting

    Gas Lighting, is a reference to someone's comment which cause you to second-guess yourself, your memories, recent events, and perceptions. After communicating with the person gaslighting you, you may be left feeling dazed and wondering. I've heard the term rather often as of late, I guess it's...
  17. Alabama Buckeye

    How do you sell radios?

    YouTube Channel? Demonstrate product and "sold as is"; with a handsome markup for your troubles. Add to eBay listings and link to YouTube demonstration. Afterthought: You need a manner of communications and a email alias would be my choice; setup an alias account with your provider. Alias...
  18. Alabama Buckeye

    ads going crazy,,,

    Webcam spyware...even my favorite browser, Brave, is not 100% trustworthy. Everytime it is opened, it attempts to open the webcam; which my security program blocks. Worse of the worst is the integral, cannot delete, browser of Winblows OS, which I appropriately renamed on the desktop, Spyware...
  19. Alabama Buckeye

    Which one?

    Oregon? You don't get no stinkin Weather All Harzard Radio (WAHR) Channel: https://www.weatherusa.net/radio Locate a closet fornicating NWS station in nearby Washington. Go to their site specific and choose one of their WAHR Channels to assess which Oregon Counties the channel covers, if any...