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  1. Skysho

    ATAS 120 Mount Options Need Input

    I use a bracket custom made for my ATAS 120, been using them on 3 different vehicles since 2006. Bolts into the stake pocket and I run a ground below to the frame.
  2. Skysho

    Alpha Delta DX-LB Plus

    Find on eBay now.
  3. Skysho

    Alpha Delta DX-LB Plus

    I'll let this go for 150 but if I don't have any takers by the weekend I'll post it up on eBay.
  4. Skysho

    Alpha Delta DX-LB Plus

    This antenna needs a new home, its never been used and has been taking up space in my limited storage. I'll let it go for $175.00 and we'll need to figure out the exact cost for shipping. My preference for payment is PayPal but check or MO can work but it won't depart until the check clears...
  5. Skysho

    Recent Site Updates

    Great job, it just takes time to adjust.
  6. Skysho

    Antenna Bracket

    There is a shop here in Salem, OR that builds some very nice brackets, vehicle specific, quarter inch polished aluminum. Drilled for 3/8, NMO, UHF or whatever and made to conform to bed so they clear fiberglass tonneau covers or canopies. Setup for ground strap and useable for either side of...
  7. Skysho

    Has Anyone Ordered Baofeng Radios From Amazon?

    Yes, bought at least 8 units. They came from two different vendors that were associated with Amazon, quickly shipped too. No problems at all and I know several others that purchased dozens. The vendors were stateside.
  8. Skysho

    Welcome To The New Worldwidedx Radio Forum!

    The website is looking great! The beer is coming.
  9. Skysho

    Welcome To The New Worldwidedx Radio Forum!

    Sign me up for the Drawing: Yes, I want to enter!
  10. Skysho

    Yaesu 857D

    Yaesu ATAS 120 captures all the features of the radio. I have one on my pickup and it has worked great without any of the problems I've heard from others. I also have one mounted in the attic of my two story house. It has been utilized with my second 857 before I put up an end fed long wire...
  11. Skysho

    FTM-350 Reception problems

    I have had no reception problems, two different rigs, and on the 4 antennas. I know you are thinking about slapping another mobile in, but what about grabbing an adapter and trying an HT to see if there is a significant difference. If you hear better on the HT that 350 has a serious RX...
  12. Skysho

    yaesu FTM-350 setup programming

    JVT got the answer! Powered my radio up and it does show my callsign along with a -9 which indicates its my APRS ID. The -9 is used to indicate a mobile. So its in the setup screen for the APRS and it will have you enter your callsign. So if I'm correct your newest radio has the GPS...
  13. Skysho

    Yaesu 857D

    I have two of them, one in my truck and one here in my shack, and I have had no problems at all. I use the ATAS 120 in the rig and have no problems reaching other continents with ease. With a Signalink and a laptop it opens the digital communications up as well. Ham Radio Deluxe, SatPC32, RMS...
  14. Skysho

    yaesu FTM-350 setup programming

    Hey JVT I scoured my manual thingy's too and couldn't find a thing. We should send a thingy to Rat and maybe with his decoder glasses he can find something. When I go out to my truck this morning I'll check my 350, I believe it might show my callsign when it powers up. If so I'll bet its...
  15. Skysho

    World's largest amateur radio antenna collapses.

    Sounds like somebody on the string has a bad case of antenna envy. :-) Glad I have them in my logbook, but who doesn't.
  16. Skysho

    Toyota Tundra Radio(s) Install

    I picked up the Tundra last night and I think the Proclips are the answer but I'll wait to see what other models they develop for the 2014. Appreciate the tip. I agree on the storage space Capt, I just did the double cab I figured that rear seat in the crewmax would have made me the clear...
  17. Skysho

    Toyota Tundra Radio(s) Install

    Proclip is inviting! Thanks for the Proclip suggestion! I'm visiting the rigs at the dealership tomorrow (still trying to decide which one to buy), so I'll measure up. I'm with CK, they look like the answer. My other thought was mount the heads in the center storage, the radios can go way...
  18. Skysho

    Toyota Tundra Radio(s) Install

    Anybody have any experience in mount remote heads into a 2014 Tundra? Have a couple radios (Yaesu 350/857) I want to get up somewhere close to the front. Right now they are in a Ram, and the 350 sits in front of the speedometer on the steering wheel housing and the 857 down below and to the...
  19. Skysho

    Yaesu FTM-350AR Discontinued!

    I wish those folks that are unhappy with their 350's would get them up on eBay for reasonable prices so they wouldn't have to be saddled with disappointment. I'd add another one or two to my collection so I could gripe about it. :-)
  20. Skysho


    Hang in there, there are a few still working the mode. It took some time before I made my first QSO and it was worth it. That QSL card from KA6SIP for a QSO from Salem, OR to the Bay Area with a VX-5 and an Arrow antenna while standing in my back yard was a kick and netted a prized card...