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  1. jessejamesdallas

    Happy New Year

    Ya old fart!:p....i'm still working on 18
  2. jessejamesdallas

    wilson 5000 vs 10K

    Lazybones (if your still around) I know this is a old thread, and not sure why I didn't get back with you earlier, but reason I have so many 10K's, is because Kale is a friend of mine and he keeps me well stocked with antennas!:p
  3. jessejamesdallas

    What kinda clothing do you wear on the air........?

    "...I ain't got no pantie's on..." LOL!
  4. jessejamesdallas

    Predator 10k competition any good?

    I wouldn't necessarily call it "junk"...just IMO it's not worth what they are asking for it...
  5. jessejamesdallas

    In search of Palomar SL41

    If that sells for that...one of mine is going up on the block real soon!
  6. jessejamesdallas

    Antenna rotor

    No need for a rotor to get TV signals from two or three different directions...Just get a Omni directional antenna and be done with it... Welcome to the 21st Century!:D
  7. jessejamesdallas

    Anyone getting snow?

    Been in the high 70's to low 80's ever since too, but all good things must come to a end...Saturday they are saying it's suppose to drop down to around 24°...
  8. jessejamesdallas

    Anyone getting snow?

    snow? What's that? Christmas Day in Dallas it was sunny and 81°!...A New all-time Christmas Day record!...same thing on the 26th too...81°...and looking at the forecast for the next 10 days, lows in the upper 60's, HI's in the upper 70's... somehow or another tho, I bet we end up paying for it...
  9. jessejamesdallas

    Palomar 300a

    Only problems I have had with mine were with those rectifier diodes....oh, and the fuse holder in the transformer box went south on me once and had to be replaced...
  10. jessejamesdallas

    Predator 10k competition any good?

    Keep saving...for something else tho!:D I have a Lightning Golden Rod...took a while to figure out the tuning on it...It did tune good, but you really have to watch where you drive with one...and keep a eye on your meter to see if the tuning changes much after driving around...Mine is hanging...
  11. jessejamesdallas

    Cool Trucks

    This is true...If I had it to do all over again, I would never had sold it...who would have thought at that time, USED cars and trucks would be selling for what NEW ones do nowdays? I've seen listings for these old trucks rusting away in junk yards, selling for over double what I sold mine...
  12. jessejamesdallas

    Cool Trucks

    As much money as I had sunk into it...You bet it was in good shape!:D Got lousy gas mileage tho...I had put a 400 small block in it, with a Holy 650 carb, glass pac mufflers, headers...you could hear me coming down the street a half mile. Once Gas prices got to be over the $2 mark, I decided...
  13. jessejamesdallas

    Cool Trucks

    My 61....sold it a few years ago.
  14. jessejamesdallas

    RF shutting my truck down

    actually it was the crankshaft sensor...Autozone guy called it a Timing sensor...just seen this post pop back up from the dead, so had to clear up the sensor thing...That was the problem tho...least at that time!:D
  15. jessejamesdallas

    here is another good laugh

    OH MAN! And more than ten available!? Would be cool to have one in the work van, the Tacoma, and my daughters car too! Heck maybe even get one for my moms car.:D
  16. jessejamesdallas

    Predator 10k competition any good?

    could be "either or"...I'm usually in the mobile in the afternoons going home from Irving back to Seagoville. But then get on the base once home...
  17. jessejamesdallas

    here is another good laugh

    well....if that one is a bit out of your price range...check out this relic, I mean "collectors item"...