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    daiwa switch mode power supply -fuse

    I opened the ss-330w to renew the fuse (220v-4A) but where can i find this fuse into the power supply. In the metal box where the power 220v enter ? otherwhere i see no fuse. Thank you for reply
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    if someone needs info about tubes 1 to 368 let me know
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    would a ham send me a sheme and which cables i need to hook a acom1000 with a arb704 and a yaesu1200 dx i should be much obliged thank you 73
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    wouxun kg-uv2d

    thank you for reply is this configuration right to hook the signaLink with the Wouwun i try to find the cable slcabhtw for the kg uv2d but i see only kguv1d could it be match thank you for reply
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    wouxun kg-uv2d

    is it possible to do ft-8 with wouxun kg-uv2d interface or others thank you
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    yaesu ftm6000e

    dear members like to know if the yaesu ftm6000e can be used with the scu-interface and pc for ft8-operation if so which cable do i need thank you for your attention and reply on3bm
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    WSJTX and FAkE IT

    When I put in the settings Rig :none everything works but no possible to set fake it when i try to use in the settings rig: yaesu 1200dx possible to set "fake it" but nothing works can i use that rig and what about the settings thank you for advice on3bm
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    ft-891 output power

    thank you meanwhile i READ the manuel and saw how to do also tnx to have your attention 73 on3bm
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    ft-891 output power

    dear om I try to reduce the ouput power of my ft-891 I am playing with the F -key , the multi function knob ,i see the settings modes, 01,02, cw but i am lost Can I read step by step how to do to and to see the light. I hope it is possible to reduce the 100 w output thank you for help 73 on3bm
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    hrd and file

    in hrd it is possible to send a file written in the macro like to know how to do i tried ex <file : c:\users\marcel\documents \xx> and other ways but no result thank you for advice on3bm
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    is it normal I don't see my own cq cq in the sweeper only a line i see i am transmitting forgot i something thank you for help
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    dear friends i use hrd soundcard codec why don't i see in the waterfall my cq using free port (8) thank you for advice 73 on3bm
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    thank you for reply about "to use the feature" I put the "the call and mail me" in tx5 do i need to put it in the macro i use 2.2.0 but as i saw not a single reply i am wondering if I do it in the wright way or is there a code like RR73 thank you once again for reply ON3Bm 73
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    using FT-8 during a contact i try to send a short message in the TX-5 (tx1/tx2/tx3/tx4/ TX5 / tx6/tx7) but i don't know if it works as i receive not a single answer .Thank you for attention. ON3BM 73
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    II use a ft1200dx an antenna 10/15./20 possible to work on 40 meter with a tuner MFJ (manual) which problems ? thank you for reply on3bm
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    fm on ft1200dx

    rig ft1200dx mode fm rx :29.600 pushing ptt freq jumps to 26.500 I read the "book" ( tone off etc) but don't see how to maintain the 29600 on rx and tx now with a split i set 29600 to 29600 which steps i have to do to have simplex 29600 thank you for your attention and help on3bm
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    what do i wrong settings yaesu2000 and scu-17 for wspr settings audio in usb audio codec auio out usb audio codec power 33 ptt rts ptt port com 8 x enable cat com port 7 yaesu ft2000 send rate 38400 data bits 8 stop bits 2 settings in rig ok i see tx working rx no registration settings pot...
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    WSPR dear friends My equipment FT1200dx Interface scu-17 (yaesu) download drivers port7 installed port8 installed cat cable (transceiver - scu-17) cable 6pin (transceiver-scu-17)...
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    like to read something about the construction, a shield to protect radioamateurs from radiation ( linears etc) some cage of Faraday thank you on3bm