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    ISO: Oldpaint0

    Exit Thirteen does the best, most thorough work anywhere and refuses to accept mediocre. He did an awesome job on my vintage Galaxy Pluto and a smoked TS250. I can't wait to see how my N2 and SS3900 first Gen turn out! Definately a barging at twice the price!!
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    Stryker SR-89MC

    I just got mine hooked up in my truck. Nice little space saver. I hood mounted a 4' firestick, because it was handy laying in my shop. First time out with it I was able to carry on a conversation at about 12 miles with some local bases. Sideband would be awesome, but trying to adjust the...
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    36 amp power supply

    I run my Galaxy 94 on a MegaWatt 30A. Also has plenty of juice to power up the Yaesu 757GX2. Like 222 said, I have mine set up right at 13.76 volts. Duribility has been good, I have had mine a little over a year, and no issues. Just my $0.02.
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    New Palomar Ceramic Microphone

    Howdy 222!! Yep, I had a lot of fun with that!
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    New Palomar Ceramic Microphone

    Speaking of Palomar, somewhere out in my shop I still have an original Palomar VC-100A effects box. How rare are these? The one I have has a nice talkback, an echo, Roger beeps and plays music. On top of that, it has a voice scrambler. Shame there was never too many of those on the road...
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    1995 Polaris Indy Storm 800 Snowmobile For sale or trade

    That was a badass sled in its day for sure! I'm rather partial to my Yellow ones, but Storms would haul the mail!!
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    Which CB Shops are still accepting mail-in repairs?

    I'm very fortunate to live about 35 miles from Exit13 here in Iowa. He takes care of all my radio repair.
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    Just ordered a Astatic 636 noise cancelling mic for my Ranger2950Dx!

    Ebay has the 4 pin Cobra mic to 6 pin Ranger adapters for under $2. That's another option for you.
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    Galaxy Pluto with issues

    Hey all! I have an old Galaxy Pluto here I picked up used. I remember these from the early 90s as being a talking radio. This one, someone replaced the final section with an RFX75. Anyway, it was working ok at the beginning, but now when it's powered up, it will stay briefly on frequency...
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    Rummage sale dx98vhp

    Yes, mine does the same. And the frequency will creep a couple as it warms up. All you need to do is key the mic and adjust the coarse to line it up. I'm going to say this is normal for these Galaxys. If that's my only complaint, I'm good with that. I was chatting to San Diego, CA last...
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    Rummage sale dx98vhp

    Hey there. I'm not a professional tech, but I do use a Galaxy 94HP. Essentially the same radio with dual finals instead of 4. Mine has the same issue from time to time, but all you need to do, is key the mic and adjust your outer clarifier knob to correct the freq. Unmodified, the outer ring...
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    Contest time?

    Also, would this be the place to request/confirm that WDX595 is my callsign? If not, where would I do that? Thanks for the help!! 595/Chris
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    Contest time?

    Help the newbie out here, how do these contests work? Do we submit somewhere, a list of all contacts made during the contest? It sounds like a blast to me! I might also suggest maybe using USB instead of LSB to minimize interference from the usual traffic? 595 NE Iowa
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    Dipole Question

    Hey all, I am considering mounting a dipole on the roof of my house. It's a 2 story and probably close to 20ft off the ground at the peak. First question: Will it adversely affect the antenna to be surface mounted for either transmit or receive? Second question: would it work best for SSB...
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    222, you are so spot on with that!! I have made that same mistake. RCI 2950, 2970n2, 3 Galaxys, and 2 Superstars later and I have just added a Yaesu FT757GX2. Not sure if it works yet, but I got a hell of a deal on it. I was looking at HF radios on ebay a little earlier, and there are a...
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    Just got my brand new Ranger2950Dx installed!!

    Hey American Eagle, congrats on the install! I wouldn't replace that mic with a 636. The Ranger mics are a good quality piece and besides, it's handy to have the channel change capabilities. 595
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    Service Advisement On The S-400-12 Switching Power Supplies

    I have the MegaWatt 30 amp one, running an RCI-2950 and and Outcom Force. Never had a shortage of power for either one. The receive is always nice and quiet, as least as quiet as can be with the John Deere Foundry less than a mile away. Highly recommended!!
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    New Ham Here

    Thanks all!! Wow, another Hurricane!! How cool is that?!! I actually have a dipole here that I made from Copper tubing, as soon as I can get some coax and figure where to push through the wall, I will have that hung outdoors along the peak of my roof in an inverted V. Just waiting for the...
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    New Ham Here

    I would love to, but still waiting for the snow to melt so I can get an antenna in the air. Plus, working till 230am CST. I may give it a shot late tonight and see if I hear anything.
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    New Ham Here

    Hey, go for it. I studied for about 4 weeks ahead of the test, and found a free guide called " the no nonsense guide to getting your technician" online. I did a bunch of practice tests on eham.net and on test day, I only missed one question. They talked me into taking the General test, and I...