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    Palmer Station

    Thank you Wayne,you have know idea..........i believe God Bless You http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnvlpNVQocw&feature=related
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    Palmer Station

    here ya go,worked, logged and confirmation :
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    Video - How to work amateur radio satellites with your handheld (HT) radio

    Great Job,I have got to give this a try...looks like alot of fun.Once again great job.
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    test Yaesu FT-900CAT
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    test test
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    I'm sorry i just don't get it? Please help i can pm you my cell # and maybe someone can walk me through it
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    Clipperton 2008

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    Hey All, i need help on downloading pics (Shack,QSL cards) stuff like that.... what gives.....i'm slooooow so be nice,haha. TIA
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    Palmer Station

    Thanks for all your response's,it is a great contact. I can hardly wait for confirmation. I tried to post link about Palmer Station but wwrf website will not allow me at this time? Http://www.palmerstation.com
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    Palmer Station

    Hey i out did myself,haha. Tonite at 7:12 pm pst on a frequency of 14.245 phone while in my mobile i worked KC4AAC with a 5/5 signal report both ways, i'm in the log. Using a yaesu ft-100d,lakeview hamstick and 100 watts, thats close to 8000 miles away. Look up the call,you might want to be...
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    Hello to all my old CDX friends ........i'm back. WOW it's been awhile. I'v totally devoted myself to ham radio. I have been doing alot of contesting which lead me too cross paths with a Great contest station. Hope to work you this next SS Phone or on the bands working DX. 73
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    need a good Icom repair tech

    I wish i would have seen this earlier. Try MTS........Scott has the best repair shop for most icom gear. Go here:MTS Ham Radio Repair Check out his reviews at eham:http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/1786
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    Lazybones is out of the closet

    I thought there are more like 175 questions give or take a few ........but it's done by pulling 35 questions for the test (Question pool).Either way it's not that hard. good luck
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    Kenwood TS-480

    Doc, I just sat down here (7:40am pdst) with a cup of coffee and read your thread.............your story put a smile on my face:) No really you got a good chuckle out of me:lol:. You a have great sence of humor. any way good luck with your new rig,catch you on the bands. 73
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    The Energy Non-Crisis

    Cheech that was excellent .............i was glued to the video. I will pass this along to all of those i know. IT'S TIME TO CRUSH THE SPIDER
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    20 Meter Anyone?

    Can you here me? 14.342.5
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    20 Meter Anyone?

    I gave you a call 3:45pm threw 3:52 pm pdst...........no luck
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    Moon bounce

    HAARP moon bounce On my original post i posted "moon bounce" which it was but it was related to HAARP.This occured back on 1/19/08. I joined in on the fun and gave a listen with great RX signal reports carrier (5/9) echo 1 to 2 s units and posted my results on QRZed along with sending HAARP a...
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    Is this a deal?

    OK $425 isnt such a bad deal for all of the equipment you described. But when first asked i thought you paying $475 plus $150 for repairs which is $625? So i'm confused..............anyway as long as your happy,enjoy your new rig.
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    Is this a deal?

    No not a deal. HRO has in there used section an icom-718 @ $450 a kenwood ts-430 with manaul original box and matching PS-30 power supply for $450 and also a kenwood ts-450 HF Compact with Tuner and all filter combinations @$599 Thats just one Ham store and i didn't list all there used gear,keep...