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    This is bizzare

    the radio just needed a full power down reboot. :)
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    AT-6666 Radio Antenna Improvements

    when not on center of roof you become directional...… this is why top center of roof is best. I bet when you hear someone you cant talk to if you turn yout truck around you will then be able to talk to them. I second the Wilson 1000 on a magmount center of roof.
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    I need antenna help

    and throw away the lil wil it is junk LOL
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    To cophase or not to cophase

    you are way over thinking this...… just mount it and make sure mount to cab has good connection and cab to frame.
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    swr on antenna

    bad coax …….
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    Has anybody seen this?

    I preferred the redhead that went blonde towards the end …. LOL but Jackie so dumb you could be like/// hey Jackie close your eyes...… ok now open wide...… heheeeee o0p!
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    Anytone AT-6666 Replacement Electret Microphone

    I just figured if it worked you could then put something inside the mic maybe to put over the mic or a small wind cover of foam on the outside.... and I see now you got that other mic...… LOL
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    Anytone AT-6666 Replacement Electret Microphone

    try putting a sock over it LOL not to thick not to thin. :)
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    Need older Royce microphone and 23 channel CB.radio info and help

    I say buy the man a new radio …… LOL
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    swr on antenna

    yup and masking it with coax length does not fix the amp or radios problems.
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    swr on antenna

    between radio and amp or amp to antenna...… could also be showing high because amps input or out put is not tuned correctly. also showing the reflect from the extra power. not always the spurious emissions from said amp. amps only amplify what is put in. so dirty in dirty out. could be all the...
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    Aantenna analyzer

    yup why kilo said Agree...….
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    New President Walker radio

    nice …. anymore info on that radio? yes im to lazy to look it up. hi audio don't know if you remember me . but I remember you. lol been a long long time...……………….
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    nothing unfortunate about not using facebuck<<<<<< b = f...…. lol
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    Best Mast Pipe

    OMG antenna p0rn! weeeeeeeeeeee
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    Best Mast Pipe

    uhhhhhhhh its a joke and I just wanted to see some pics... :) LOL
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    Good antenna analyzer without breaking the bank

    ebay and find a used mfj 259b
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    Best Mast Pipe

    pics or it didn't happen... lol
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    Base Need base antenna advice

    p500 is strong.... just if conditions are that bad its will not hold up like a I-10k but you can strengthen it up. use better clamps etc..... although the ones that came with mine look decent. got mine from DX Engineering. https://www.dxengineering.com/parts/hgn-spt-500
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    Best Mast Pipe

    well now 1/3 the price I'm all for that......