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  1. KD2GOE

    WSJT-X Website has been down for a week?

    I was trying to downland WSJT-X on my laptop for some outdoor radio fun and the website for WSJT-X "physics.princeton.edu" has been down for all most a week? any one know what's going on?
  2. KD2GOE

    Icom-7100 RF tap Pan-adapter complete

    I don't post over here much any more but would like to share this with every one.. Ones you go SDR waterfall you never go back. It worked so well in my Kenwood TS-2000 I had to do it to my Icom IC-7100 so I Installed an RF Tap buffer and it works well from HF TO UHF This is tapping in to the...
  3. KD2GOE

    CB FM

    Ch1 FM call would be fitting.
  4. KD2GOE

    Running some FT-8

    guy I know keeps burning up power cords so I made this.
  5. KD2GOE

    MFJ-939 Antenna port x2 MOD

    1 thing got my eye when i was looking at the inside of an MFJ 939 Tuner because you just need to look inside. There is a missing relay and what looks like provisions to switch between 2 antenna ports. the software in the tuner still switches that missing relay when you switch it from Memory bank...
  6. KD2GOE

    Need A Spec. Anyone Here Own a Kenwood TS 2000 ?

    3:1 5:1 MAX i have one its a Nice all around radio but i don't fined my self using VHF/UHF on it vary much. i have used a lot of radios so fare none have made me want to sell it and get "that" radio. and i added a PAN adapter to mine so
  7. KD2GOE

    Problem with a mega watt PSU S-700-12 50 Amps

    who is blaming manufacturer?
  8. KD2GOE

    Problem with a mega watt PSU S-700-12 50 Amps

    no i cant i Messed up and broke the seal installing it in to the case i explained it to him and now he is not responding to my emails.. So now i'm SOL now 'ill try to see if some some CB guys around here it's fine on 27Mhz maybe i can tried it for a 30 amp no more switching power supplies for...
  9. KD2GOE

    Problem with a mega watt PSU S-700-12 50 Amps

    I'm getting a tremendous amount of noise on 160m and 40m some on 80 and 20 Any one with 1 of these supplies and fixed this I combined the negative and the Ground that helped a little bit maybe cut it in half.. i have the 36 amp ver and that one is fine i have more then 1 radio and im pushing...
  10. KD2GOE

    Making a 80 to 10 endfed

    Sweet thanks.
  11. KD2GOE

    Making a 80 to 10 endfed

    the 10 to 40 ver has no coil the 10 to 80 has the coil i was told it is so 10 and 15's SWR will be lower..
  12. KD2GOE

    Making a 80 to 10 endfed

    looking to coppy a MFJ-1982MP does any one have one? I just need to know the tube diamtor and coil turns for the 10 meter coil. Thanks.
  13. KD2GOE

    President Lincoln 2+ v3 Adjustment Location Indentification?

    go get an amp KL-503 High Drive or mod a KL503 low drive to a high drive (what i did).. turning the radio up will only shorten its life..
  14. KD2GOE

    Yaesu ft 891 portable on 12v

    Radio run Fine has good Side band audio out down to 11Volts with a drop in power.
  15. KD2GOE

    Yaesu ft 891 portable on 12v

    i know about the 13.8 +/- 15% on the paper work what i am asking is real life use things are not always the same as whats on paper. it tells you that it draws 2 amps on RX the tests people have done show 1 amp i was asking for real world not what was on the paper work... well i ordered the...
  16. KD2GOE

    Yaesu ft 891 portable on 12v

    Any one run the Yaesu ft 891 on a lead acid battery for portable I have a big deep cycle But I want to know how the radio behaves when the voltage sags down to 11.5v i know a lot of the radios are more happy at 13.8 I have seen and had some radios just not like running at 12v they start acting...
  17. KD2GOE

    Intersting way to do MaxMod to SR94HPC

    OMG that poor inductor!!!
  18. KD2GOE

    Intersting way to do MaxMod to SR94HPC

    Any thing to take peoples money... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess if it where me i would mill out of pice of copper plate and make an adaptor to clear every thing if it it was posable... But i have not seen this MAX-MOD make any more power then the TIP36c that was in there. in the end your week link is your...