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  1. AD4DQ

    New (to me) radio

    Very nice older radio!!!
  2. AD4DQ

    My Classic Ham Shack

    Updating...... pic from last year...... I will add a newer pic soon.....
  3. AD4DQ

    what is the most reliable ham band (HF)

    In the day time you can try 10,12, 15 or 20. At night 40 is great.
  4. AD4DQ

    My Classic Ham Shack

    I was looking at a Drake TR-3...... I also picked up another Swan, a Swan 500CX SS-16 Special. man she sounds so smooth..... best receive on any of my radios with that 16 pole crystal filter.....
  5. AD4DQ

    My Classic Ham Shack

    Another addition to my shack. Picked up a nice Siltronix Grey face 1011C for dirt cheap. Runs nice. I have already worked a good amount of European DX.
  6. AD4DQ

    Heathkit HW-100

    Obviously a short..... could be anywheres, bad final tubes 6146..... also check the red wires underneath coming from the matching loading coil going to the band switch, they had a common failure of melting and shorting together......
  7. AD4DQ

    My Classic Ham Shack

    Here is my shack as of today..... added a few more radios.... Added a Swan 1011 and a Heathkit SB-100 in the last week.....
  8. AD4DQ

    15 meters

    15 is one of my main DX bands..... it has been quiet the last couple days...... hopefully I can get some Europe DX in the AM
  9. AD4DQ

    Swan Cygnet 260

    A cool old rig I picked up. I like the tuning eye tube. A fun rig to work DX with. Swan Cygnet 260 - YouTube Tuning a Swan Cygnet 260 - YouTube
  10. AD4DQ

    Cushcraft AR-10 Ringo

    Yeah you have to check the solar flux then the band and see if it is active, I have a Ringo Ranger in my shed, use to use it all the time. A pretty good antenna. When the band is dead it dosent matter what antenna you have, LOL. When the band is open you should be able to work some good DX with...
  11. AD4DQ

    My Classic Ham Shack

    Thanks, I now have another addition on it's way, I picked up a mint condition Heathkit SB-101..... cant wait to get it!! I have also added a Swan Cygnet 260 and a Siltronix 1011D in the past couple months.
  12. AD4DQ

    Dx in South Texas

    It seems like around the 20th of every moth the SF peaks, then drops.... so in another week DX will be rolling in..... this solar cycle has been weak so far....
  13. AD4DQ

    ARRL 10 Meter contest

    I had fun in the contest, had only 2 hours total time and with the band dead with the ultra low solar flux I did manage 80 contacts....
  14. AD4DQ

    A vertical is best for working dx?

    This is a tough one.... I have used both in the last 20 years on being on radios. I see that the 5/8 wave vertical has a lower angle of radiation, but the dipole has a higher gain.... from my experience.... there are too many factors to weigh in to say one out performs the other with ease. I...
  15. AD4DQ

    My Classic Ham Shack

    Thanks.... I know your talking about the old Hammarlunds, Collins and Hallicrafters.... let me rephrase and say "Old Classics" I like running the tube radios.
  16. AD4DQ

    Special event callsigns are getting ridiculous.

    Just listen for the 4X...... I bet he dosent throw out the who call all the time, unless it is recorded....
  17. AD4DQ

    My Classic Ham Shack

    They are there :wink:
  18. AD4DQ

    hows the bands in your area?

    Been on vacation for the last 4 days, need to get back on and work some DX. Will be on tomorrow night. :drool:
  19. AD4DQ

    My Classic Ham Shack

    My Classic shack. Mostly boat anchors and a few solid state rigs. I have added about 5 more radios since this pic. Swans and Heathkits. I collect, repair, buy and sell tube rigs.
  20. AD4DQ

    Siltronix 1011D Comanche

    Hello I have for sale a Siltronix 1011D 10 meter radio in great condition. Works great and puts out 100 watts. $200 plus shipping from 40175, includes power cord, copy of user manual but I do not have an extra mic. I take Paypal or Money Order. Just send me a PM. Greg - AD4DQ