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  1. Sarasota Slim

    If you wanted to buy a Turkey fryer check this out instead, no oil!

    I don't much care for bird meat, but I am a fan of fried stuff. What can I say? I'm Southern, lol. This thread DOES remind me, however, of the time that my neighbors chose to fry a turkey. I don't recall the occasion, but it couldn't have been Thanksgiving. I was sitting in a lawn chair...
  2. Sarasota Slim

    DIY Cell Signal Booster?

    That was my general idea; although, I would need 2 antennas outside, as the 2 towers that I'm trying to reach are in different directions (Sprint tower is north-ish, Verizon tower is west-ish)
  3. Sarasota Slim

    DIY Cell Signal Booster?

    I live in a rural area. ("Live" meaning that I own a house, keep personal belongings in it, and occasionally visit the property, lol) I have one phone that utilizes Sprint towers, and another that utilizes Verizon towers. My house is too far from the nearest Sprint tower for the Sprint phone...
  4. Sarasota Slim

    anyone seen this new microphone

    Lol, that would be a selling point, to me.
  5. Sarasota Slim

    Antenna Builders! Copper?

    I can't speak to the functionality, but if you were to build such a thing, then went over it with a silver or grey rattle can, that might fool the copper theives.
  6. Sarasota Slim


    I am no battery expert, and I could very well be completely off base or wrong... Unless your on air speaking habits are akin to those of Beavis on crack, I doubt that you'll be drawing 20 amps continuously. I'm thinking (again, I could be wrong ) somewhere between 5-10 amp average continuous...
  7. Sarasota Slim

    Opek SWR-7 Meter

    And costs 4 times as much. Outside of old stock, I'm not sure that Barjan exists anymore; they were, if I recall correctly, absorbed by another company, which was, in turn, absorbed by DAS. As crappy as the Astatic meter is, (Astatic is another DAS company) it cost about $20, gets me in the...
  8. Sarasota Slim

    Opek SWR-7 Meter

    That's pretty spiffy. Thanks for the tip. (y)
  9. Sarasota Slim

    Anyone heard of Mr X CB shop?

    My God, what tacky radio's. I like how they look. I may be inclined to let Mr. X decorate my equipment, but that's about it. When I followed the link to Simon the Wizard, and I watched the video on the really shiny Galaxy 98, I noted that the radio seemed to be on channel 3, and the frequency...
  10. Sarasota Slim

    Opek SWR-7 Meter

    Well, I don't reckon that I'm too impressed with Opek. As I mentioned above, the SWR seemed to read a bit higher on it. At first, it was a minor difference. I've been making some changes to my antenna system lately, and having a devil of a time getting things adjusted right. Finally, I ended...
  11. Sarasota Slim

    dipole on a big rig swrs

    Heh. My theory has always been that electricians die because they get cocky and lose respect for electricity. Much of the reasoning behind my theory is the great frequency in which I have witnessed electricians do stupid or thoughtless things. And, I'm not picking on electricians, here...
  12. Sarasota Slim

    dipole on a big rig swrs

    It's not particularly relevant, but that statement reminds me of a lecture that I once received on a jobsite, from an older coworker, many years ago, on the nature of electricity. I don't recall everything he said, but he did say something along the lines of "electricity likes to take the path...
  13. Sarasota Slim

    dipole on a big rig swrs

    If I'm looking at that pic correctly, it looks like you've got your ground half at a 90 degree angle to your "radiant " half. Wouldn't that lend a more directional quality to your signal?
  14. Sarasota Slim

    dipole on a big rig swrs

    I assembled a vicegrip mount for dipole use (have not yet used it, though), for my spare radio system. My wife and I, occasionally, have to go pick up a tractor to drive back to the yard, so I keep a spare system on the truck. What I did with the vice grips, was I painted the jaws with liquid...
  15. Sarasota Slim

    Help me pick a new radio please.

    Oh, the joys of homeownership. My house eats a lot of funds, too. As to the radio, I'm a little late too the party, but I probably would have stuck a Cobra 19 in the truck, and hidden a KL203 amp behind it. Let the other guy run it barefoot; can't get too much simpler that that. When it's...
  16. Sarasota Slim

    What happened to the HOA vs Amature and Citizen antenna battle

    This is a very good point. I detest HOA's, thus I don't live under them. As Rushmore points out, though, no one is forced to live under these mini-tyranies. When you buy in, you do so of your own free will. One assumes that the buyer is presented with a copy of HOA bylaws, prior to purchase...
  17. Sarasota Slim

    Opinions of this radio....

    As a Dukes of Hazzard fan, (the TV series; not the dumb movies) and a direct descendant of a Confederate Veteran, I'd be interested in a General Lee radio, except that they don't have SSB. Even then, the radio would be more likely to end up in my truck, as opposed to my van. Also, in today's...
  18. Sarasota Slim

    Opek SWR-7 Meter

    Ok, thanks guys. I figured that the light was the only thing using power; I actually cracked open the case, to see. The power wires disappeared into the meter face, so I couldn't tell, for certain. **************** I am sure that I am reading the meter correctly, lol. It's kinda self...
  19. Sarasota Slim

    Opek SWR-7 Meter

    The other day, I was in Iowa, so I stopped at Walcott Radio (not my favorite place), and picked up a new meter to replace my Astatic PDC-2. I like it ok, though it seems to register a higher SWR than the old Astatic. I'm curious, though; does the power on that meter do anything more than...