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    If you have a flag mount on your ATV/ATC it is a perfect size and location for mounting your antenna using the studs for a mirror mount.
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    Well I live up in the Catskill Mountains off to the edge of the range so in 3/4 of my area is very good range but I also have nearly complete dead spots in as little as a 1/2 mile away, 1 mile away, 3 miles away etc and that is the same with the best mobile set ups and base also. I have made...
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    No headphones, I try to make using the cb as effortless as possible. I also rarely wear a helmet and when I do its a half shell. I can hear it at 65 mph but can't always make it out nor do I run 60 mph often but the angle of the radio/speaker is perfect for the driver but otherwise it can be...
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    I've posted this before with different radio's and antennas but this is my final set up. It's a Radio Shack "sports" water proof /resistant CB with a cheap oil can antenna. I also took this to my tech and he went through it but I wanted to expand the channels but no info is available. Anyway I...
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    Cobra 148 GTL modded and ready for winter 4X4

    It's the one on the upper left hand side. I just got it back from the tech. Just about everything you can or could do has been done to the radio. Hope to install in our Winter Truck this week. I've just been checking it out on a table that is to small lol
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    I just received my Wilson power mic and thought maybe others would like to know how it measures up. Well I am happy to say it works well but keep in mind this is only about $30.00 so with that in mind it is a very good mic. The ergonomic design feels great in your hand but it does have a...
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    I can't find an expansion kit Cobra 29LTD Classic "front mic"

    I have been able to find all kinds of info about the Calaxy channel expand kit bit none for sale. If you know of any place please let me know and also if their are several kits designed please tell both pro's/con's Thanks
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    HR 2510 Roger Beep modification.

    I am a fan of roger beeps myself for the reason they were invented. When I am talking to the wife up here in the mountains signals flutter quite a bit and hearing the beep helps stop double keying on each other and when talking with 3 or more on SSB it can also be quite helpful
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    Extream 2018 Mic

    I cleaned my D104M6b the other day with a standard electronics cleaner and then took a chance on a spray lubricant "silicone" which seems to dry up with in a few seconds and it has worked very good so far. The D104M6B was scratchy right out of the box and got real bad fast. I will be doing...
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    Extream 2018 Mic

    I have both the 2018 and the Road Devil and several of my friends have both also. The 2018 when set properly blows away the Road Devils in clarity and audio volume. Also the D104M6B has better clarity than the Road Devil but for my 959DX "mobile" I am sticking with the Road Devil even though...
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    My Hobby

    I've been tempted a little about putting one on my bike but it's just to cool to be putting a CB on it.
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    Cobra 29LTD Classic channel expansion

    I want to expand the frequencies on my 29LTD "front mic" any advice appreciated and can you tell me what is the range they produce?
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    Extream 2018 Mic

    I use a 2018 also and maybe you just need to reposition your speakers. I use 2 computer speakers at the back of my desk and if I use the 148's internal speaker I will get feed back because it has a more direct site of each other and feed backs.
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    I also have a 2510 with ALL the mods and it is my favorite radio. I also have a 148GTL modded to the hill but I like the receive on the HR2510 a little better than the 148 it seems to have a better ANL/NB which makes for me a little more pleasant to monitor. I also have a 959DX modded of coarse...
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    My Hobby

    Could you post pictures of your Quad CB? I did the best I could installing this thing like removing body panels to keep the coax protected etc, For some reason this install took more time and effort than all the mobile installs I have ever done. I used every inch of nine foot of coax and bought...
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    My Hobby

    We really use our mobile and base or quad and another truck not shown that's getting updated for keeping in contact on a winter only registration big Dodge 4X4 truck. Cell service is terrible up here in the Mountains and the Quad radio "water proof resistant" for plowing in the Winter. It makes...
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    My Hobby

    My Base and mobile
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    148 GTL.. Price?

    That's a lot to ask for. A 148 side mic in like new condition for $60.00...maybe at a garage sale but never in a public auction selling one of the best CB's ever made. Nostalgia buffs? Why nostalgia I use mine nearly everyday but unlike most of whats left out their still making CB's they don't...
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    station pics

    I love this President HR2510. It also has been modified from where it can go to loud am audio that I have been told by many it is so crystal clear. I am running a D104M6B which seems to just match up with this radio. I have my DK set to 2-3 watts and swinging to 32 watts that's just how it runs...
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    2 CBers canned in one week. $14,000 and $22,000 fines.

    Yah we in the USA are so Dam limited and have agents running around knocking on doors etc while in the rest of the world the citizen band is what ever they want and amplifiers are as much as you can afford. Must be nice that we don't skip into their or any part of the world like we get bombed...