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    Tram D201A........this will blow your mind!

    identicle??? There is no way that this guy would have two of the identicle (spelling?) radios in the same condition. He is misrepresenting the radio and yes that constitutes fraud. Ebay should at the very least remove this item from the auction and possibly press charges. They have done that in...
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    grounding hf transciever for mobile use

    grounding Use fine multi stranded wire of about 14 gauge or even larger if possible. Use as short a piece of wire as is necessary to reach from radio to closest practicle grounding point in vehicle.
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    Kenwood TS 50 rig.

    TS-50 repair I hope you' re not going to use that 50 on AM 19. The truckers will say you sound bad. It doesn't work well there. Atleast mine doesn't. Let me know if you find a good tech for it. I got mine powered up by JC electronics in Mt Vernon, IL. Reasonable too. Don't know how much I trust...
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    Mirror Antennas

    antenna ground To begin with, 2 antenna's co-phased (two seperate antennas run into one coax) on a pick up truck is not a good idea unless you can space them far enough apart. It would be better if you liked the looks of two antennas (symmetry)to hook one up to the radio and mount the other but...
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    Magnum S-6 or Stryker 440 ...Help!!

    667 667 you still using that 2950 dx?
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    Magnum S-6 or Stryker 440 ...Help!!

    Stryker vs. S-6 They both look the same on the outside
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    Who has been here longest?

    Hey 667 chicago mobile it's 777 mobile from down south in Indiana. I used to talk to you and Bill and Ted along with Fast Eddy in Colorado. I think Fast Eddy went the way of Hook (Ham). I haven't heard much skip lately and have been out of the truck ;along with cb for over a 1 and half years. I...
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    Hamers sticky in 4 sale section

    Integrity.com buckwhite Do you use integrity.com? I do. I was just wondering, it seems like a coincidence. Where do you live? I live in Indiana. Haubstadt. Thanx Paul
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    Problems with 102" whip

    Thanx Thanx guys I knew that someone would steer me straight. I will use the spring. I will however check it and make sure the "strap" inside is fastened well. I didn't mind having the spring, just didn't know if length was an issue. Thanx Paul
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    Problems with 102" whip

    To spring or not to spring??? To spring or not to spring... That is my question.I am considering the purchase of a 102" SS whip and was wondering about a spring , or not ,for SWR considerations. I believe a spring would make the antenna 106" if in fact the spring becomes part of the antenna...
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    Magnum S-6 or Stryker 440 ...Help!!

    Stryker?? Ok guys I didn't bother to read all the other posts on this subject but correct me if I'm (he's) wrong . I had a radio tech tell me that a Stryker uses the same board as the Magnum S-XX series radio. I have not seen or heard of Stryker offering a radio. Is this the same Stryker that...
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    New Solar Cycle

    HMMM ??? Maybe I was wrong. I do need to go back to Kindergarten. Or atleast basics. Do sunspots help with radio transmissions or hurt them?I thought that they would keep the skip down and increase static or white noise. What am I missing here?? Thanx Paul
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    New Solar Cycle

    sunspots? I know that sunspots affect the radio wave propagation but I am unsure how. Could someone take a little time and try to educate me please. Kindergarten would be OK but not necessary. I guess I would be closer to 6th grade. Ha Ha Thanx Paul
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    HELP! I need schematic for TS-50

    Quick reply Wow Thanx for the quick reply guys. I expected to get replies because of the great guys on this forum board but I figured it would be atleast tommorrow before I would get an answer. I have been away from this forum for about a year now and half expected it to be gone but was able...
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    HELP! I need schematic for TS-50

    My TS-50 took a dive. I found a tech willing to work on it but he would like to have a set of schematics for it. Does anyone have a set they could email me or know where I can get it off the web? Thanx