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    Charger 383 Dean

    From the Joplin Globe: Dean E. Arthur DUENWEG, Mo. — Dean Edward Arthur, 49, a retired website designer, passed away Sunday, April 29, 2007. No services are planned. Arrangements are under the direction of Parker Mortuary, Joplin. Published: 2007-05-01 I regret that we never "buried...
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    LDG Auto Tuners

    I have 2 Z-11 pro's. They work great on the Long Wire. I run them with my 840 and 857.
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    Astatic to Yaesu

    Need the wiring diagram for FT 840 (8 pin) to Astatic 1104C Help please?
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    FT 857-D

    If you notice, It only took Hammer 22 min to respond to my request for help. My radio was sent out today. That is what this forum is all about. Helping each other. Hats off to my friend Happy Hammer.
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    FT 857-D

    Thanks Hammer, I got your number.
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    FT 857-D

    Is there anyone that would do the "hard mod" on my 857D? The soft mod does not work. My local Tech will not do the "CB MOD" on a ham radio, and my old hands are just too shakey.
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    Suggestions for 6 meter Antenna

    Hammer, You have PM
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    Nacogdoches, 100 Miles North of Houston. Oldest Town in Texas
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    Howdy....been a loooooong time

    I did not buy the lincoln from you, but I drove 250 miles round trip to pick up a military surplus tower and cherokee meter that you sold me. Our ham club is using the tower now. Glad to see you Hook.
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    Best antenna

    The original question was "What is the best CB antenna that wont break if you need to park in a garage often?" The 102" whip is out of the question, so a magmount (Wilson 1000) is the way to go. If you are planning to upgrade with more power in the real near future, spend the extra money on a...
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    Digital swr /power meter

    I think this is the one you were looking for: http://cbworldinformer.com/200107/aries_swr460_review.htm They are no longer made, but you see them on ebay for $200- $300. I have a couple, and might be willing to part with one. If the price is right.
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    Converting ham rigs

    I looked at the dk mods page, and the link was bad for the 857 extended TX mod. Does anyone have it?
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    Who has been here longest?

    Dealer! Great to hear from you. I sure miss the old days, when you were kickin in NE Texas. Hope all is well with you, and look forward to hearing you again. Skeeter
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    Who has been here longest?

    Thanks for that info. I will try to "HOOK" up with him sometime soon. I bought some equiptment from him several years ago. I drove about 150 miles to pick it up and shake hands.
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    Who has been here longest?

    What happened to "Dealer", the contest king from Dallas in 2002? Also "Hook", another old timer?
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    Who has been here longest?

    I ran across my original CDX certificate that Charger mailed to me dated 2/26/02. I know that there are a few older, and some numbers and handles have changed. Lets hear from the oldtimers.
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    Suggestions for 6 meter Antenna

    Thanks for all the replys. I think I will take Doc's advice to start with "A simple dipole", for now. Allthough the wet noodle would be cheaper, I hate the idea of watering it every hour. I can expand when I get a little experience under my belt.
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    Suggestions for 6 meter Antenna

    This new ham needs suggestions for a 6 meter antenna. Homebrew or commercial. I built an G5RV, which works great on HF, and have a Moonraker 4 and an I-10K for 10/11 Meter. Need some help for 6 Meter DX.
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    Ok, I did it. I am going to miss the old freeband, but I passed (aced) the Tech test last night. Repented, and converted. CW and General scheduled in 2 weeks. Lots of CB stuff for sale in the near future. The 857 (thanks for correcting me) is ordered, and the VX 170 came in today. Am I going...
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    Hi, from subs757, 26 CDX 757 England, its been a long time..

    Hey Dennis (Subs), Yea, I remember you because you are in my logbook on 3/4/03, 9 AM my time. You were in the Mobil! Probably the most memorible radio contact I have ever had. Alot ahs changed here, but its all good. Glad you are back and I look forward to makin it across the "pond" again.