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    Uniden 505XL

    How about direct injectiin hifi audio mod for the 5
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    UNIDEN PRO-505XL: The Most Bang For The Buck;

    Why not just leave the stock guts inside the chrome road king mic then just rewire the mic jack to the radio then if you wanna switch the mic peice inside the road king from a dynamic cartridge to a electric condensor you cando it fairly easy. Would you agree that sounds more logical to rather...
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    Anytone Ares 2

    I wasted 200 dollars on this crap cant get any decent audio from it that can actually be heard
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    Anytone Ares 2

    I like my anytone ares 2 it hasnt been turned off since the day i got it. Still need to figure out which setting in the service menu is the amc barrier so i can take it down a little bit because its too limited just like all my other anytones were before they was fine tuned in the service menu
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    Anytone Ares 2

    My Anytone ares 2 will not go into service menu with the combination as explained above and no cigar.
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    Anytone Ares 2

    Anytone is just the absolute best there is in RF equipment and ole shoog nasty southern indiana said that, tellum dear old dad sent ya and when ya get there lettum know your somebody special.
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    Anytone Ares 2

    Just received a brand new ares II delivered by Amazon at 6 AM this morning which was extremley odd time for them to deliver tho however the ares II is freakin awesome in every way and another fine example of how great the mighty Anytone is. Like i said the ares II is awesome but i just cant...
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    Uniden Grant XL problem

    Thanks nomad.. Ive always heard good things about your shop over in louisville however its most unfortunate that i cannot financially afford your services as my life is on a budget. I think we may have spoke once on channel 14 back a year or so if you be chris nomad that is.
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    Help Uniden Grant XL

    Im having the exact same trouble with a grant xl i just recently aqquired and im gonna put allback to stock condition if i can
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    Uniden Grant XL problem

    I dont care how bad it makes it sound i still need to know where to install the kit in a grant xl
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    Uniden Grant XL problem

    I dont know man but ive always hated whenever i aquired any radio thats modded to death or just enough mods to cause parts to fail or frequencys not to line up whatever the case might be the fact still remains is that i have a used grant xl thats had every possible mod known to man done to it...
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    5-pin DIN to 4-pin Cobra mic socket.

    Do any of you gentlmen in this group share this same skill with me or atleast knows about the formula i formentioned also enabling them to wire any mic to any radio in any time at all ?... Thats the wisdom part but the speed takes alot of practice. Ole squints here said it, Any mic to any...
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    5-pin DIN to 4-pin Cobra mic socket.

    Has any of the older generation cb,ers in this ever witnessed or participated in a mic wireing drag race or contest whatever it was called back then but 3 guys would get together and one of them would be the judge and timer while the other 2 guys with radios in front of them and a specific mic...
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    Uniden Grant XL problem

    Whats makes a grant xl only on lower sideband will not line up because it transmit1 full channel up from theteansmit channel. Tx on 38 but receives 37 and ive adjusted L22 and L30 does not fix problem
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    Cobra 148 GTL variable deadkey mod

    Can the super audio swing mod thats popular with cobra 29,s also be in stalled in a cobra 148 ?. A jumper is removed near the final thats cut then added a capacitor and resistor type mod can this be done on the cobra 148 or grant xl ? If so which jumper do i remove ?
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    Cobra 29 LTD Classic Swing Mod

    On the backside of jp36 what part of the final transistor does the trace from jp36 go to first ?
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    palomar 250ld or 450ld ?

    I have a galaxy 250 2 pill amp with abad pairof mrf454,s both arebad. How difficult would a mosfet conversion be to execute on this galaxy 250 ?
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    SSB Delay

    How does one go about removeing this automatic ssb delay in a super star 200 amplifier ?. Thats right i want to disable the delay now can anyone provide any input on this ?
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    Palomar 250; good, bad, or ugly?

    So is there anything good to be said about a plane jane palomar 250 that actually works ? Also like to know if theres any known modifications that would improve the amplifier in any way possible ?
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    President Ronald Service Manual

    The president ronald 10/12 meter absolutley has to have the audio limiter removed to wake that radio up from where itsbone stock it will barely have any audio at all even with a power mic of any type. The Ronald i currently have along with the 2 i previously owned ever since they came out all...