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    K30 magnet mobile antenna

    I have the K-30 to me it,s junk never did work like other antennas I have had .
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Lets send Lester to Washington ! he can fix anything .
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    firebird 500 Power sagges then comes back?

    I have a old firebird amp + fireberd ANT SELECTOR and a OLD set of 6LQ6s that were checked at 75 to 80 % good in a box in the closet that anyone can have at a good price . The amp has a set of 6LQ6s in it now the others are extras in a another box . PM me if your interested .
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    Summer has arrived!!

    Low to mid 90s ,feels like 110 to 112 and going up .
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    Drunk Texting

    80 m sounds like channel 19 to me.
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    5/27/23 Had a solid contact with IWAN he is in Suriname , suriname is a small country between Guyana and Guiana S America. Thats a new pin in the map #40 for me and I am still working on it . 73s
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    World Map Updated.

    1 or 100 watts it,s still a fine looking map and a lot of time was spent making all the contacts . You can be proud of your accomplishment . You the man!!.
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    RM Italy KL 503 HD - Anybody ever use?

    I have the 503 it,s my backup now worked good on SSB every one liked it . I now have the 703 same report on it to. The 503 will do 200 all day. Good amps for the money
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    Good SSB DX Group to Join if you're looking

    I was listening on 27.370 LSB from 2:45 to 3:05 today. And no one was on, I even called cq cq no one came back . I try again later .
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome , hope to hear hear some time .
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    Into Mongolia this evening!!

    Got to love it , good job DXman. Was that USB or LSB ?
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    "idiot" blocking up ch 19.

    The same thing has been happening above channel 40 , as long as you have radio your going to have that kind of operator it,s not just CB it,s happening in the ham bands to .
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    It is Fall - Contest time

    Just need a time and date and I,m up for it.
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    Thanks that is awesome !!.
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    What is the BEST AM-only mobile CB Radio ??

    COBRA 29 you said AM only the COBRA 29 has to be the winner all others are clones and you only clone the 1st and best of anything.
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    New to the forums.

    I will be looking for you on LSB38 , my problem is I can only take so much of 38 and then have to move to other channels to keep my sanity . I use my old call of RC45 if you hear me give me a call , I will get back to you 73s
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    New to the forums.

    Welcome to the forum hope you like it as much as I do.
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    My thanks to all I guess I,m just getting old and paranoid.
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    Another new Ranger 2970N3

    I have the 6666 and the 5555N2 they are fine radios .
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    No one said STOP I was told by someone on the radio that talking to stations in that part of the world may get me in trouble. Like I said I know of NO reasons why you can not . Just trying to cover my BUTT