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  1. tba02


    For 11 CB Band Radio: Icom IC-736 w/ HM-219 microphone / Uniden Grant XL w/ RF Limited Xtreme 2018 microphone / Uniden PC122XL w/ RF Limited CR577 (Depends on the day) Amplifier: Cobra XL 450 Antenna (1) Sirio Gain-master at 25 feet to the feed point. Antenna (2) Moxon on a 20 foot walk-up...
  2. tba02

    How many radios do you run?

    4 - 1 VHF/UHF, 2 HF (two antennas), 1 CB
  3. tba02

    2 Element Yagi

    I'm with Homer, I prefer a moxon if going with only 2 elements.
  4. tba02

    J Pole / portable antenna?

    Send him an email, he will reply.
  5. tba02

    J Pole / portable antenna?

    Ed Fong will make you one that meets (most of) those requirements. It can be encapsulated in PVC or a Rollup - https://edsantennas.weebly.com I have both a DBJ-1 (pvc) and DBJ-2 (rollup) and have no complaints.
  6. tba02

    Palomar 400 Elite

    Assuming it is a 4xSD1446 amp (which most of the references say it should be), it's a 300 watt amp. The numbers you are seeing lead me to believe that harmonics/splatter is where the higher numbers on the meter are coming from. See...
  7. tba02

    Mega Watt power supplies

    I have tried the cheaper ones that use the same base/format and had issues. I cannibalized them for parts.
  8. tba02

    Mega Watt power supplies

    I have been running a 36 amp version since 2014. It's probably been running 24/7 about 90% of the time I have owned it. I have had to open it once to clean out and lube the fan.
  9. tba02

    Kl 503 linear

    You can also just bypass the driver. See: https://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/rm-italy-kl-503-watts-vs-amps.171280/page-3#post-604733
  10. tba02


    Yes, AM consists of upper and lower sidebands combined with a carried frequency, so that would be why you can hear them.
  11. tba02

    Anybody use switching power supplies?

    You can find a link to the modification in my post @ https://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/hp-dps-750rb-power-supply.255079/
  12. tba02

    No more free ham ticket?

    I'd like to see some of that 50 bucks go to RFI reduction. Like the fee, all I see is my meter go from bad to worse as more and more non-compliant devices spew RFI.
  13. tba02

    Ground plane question

    They claim 1000 Watts (CW) continuous / 3000 Watts (CW) short time https://www.sirioantenne.it/en/products/hf/starduster-m-400
  14. tba02

    Ground plane question

    A Starduster would seem to meet your original requirements, and potentially your secondary w/ regard to radials.
  15. tba02

    Power supply's

    I'd just go to http://www.megawattpowersupplies.com
  16. tba02

    Power supply's

    I have a few of the 750w HP common slot p/s posted for sale if anyone is looking. https://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/hp-dps-750rb-power-supply.255079/
  17. tba02

    HP DPS-750rb Power Supply

    I have several HP DPS-750rb 750w common slot power supplies for sale. Power cable included. They require you solder a 330 - 1000 ohm resistor to pins 33 and 36 for them to turn on. The details regarding the resistor and voltage adjustment can be found at...
  18. tba02

    2 1446 box

    ..or the low/med/high switch is defective or bypassed.
  19. tba02

    2 1446 box

    2x1446 = two 80 watt transistors. Assuming 160 watts clean output, 160 divided 4 = 40 watts, which would be a good dead key target. Now, swing .. assuming AM .. you can work backwards from the 160 watts target for PEP, assuming you have a true PEP reading meter.
  20. tba02

    MegaWatt vs. Chinese Imitation 30 amp switching power supply comparison

    Mine picked up a tick after about 5/6 years, but that was due to being in a dusty location. Some compressed air and a little lube and right as rain.